Week 1: 30 Days Wild

We’re joining in with the #30dayswild run by the Wildlife Trusts this month. I think it’s a great idea and I’m all for embracing the better weather and getting the boys outside!

I ordered the free pack via the website and had a rummage about on the downloads section and found card prompts which I thought would be fun to do at random throughout the 30 days.

Day 1: Work of art incorporating natural bits and bobs

Loki and I went into the garden and explored our wild patch for different flowers and leaves. We collected lots and brought them back into the house and laid them all out. When his brothers got back from school we used our Grapat Perpetual Calendar to mark the new month and made a “work of art” .

Day 2: Identify a wildflower

Oren and I went to the shop for bread and walked back alongside the burn that runs through the village. He was quite taken with a “blue flower” and after finding some broken branches we brought a wee bunch home to identify. We used our flower fairies book and found out they were forget-me-nots.

Day 3: Showcase on a nature table

In our hall we have a seasonal display table that gets used all year round and gets changed constantly which each season and the topics the boys do at school influence it heavily. Loki and I went for a walk in the bluebell woods and in amongst the sea of blue were these stunning cornflowers. They’re everywhere this time of year and Loki loved the textures of them and kept touching them. Our friend has some in her garden so we were given permission to pick a couple and Loki carried them home. He got the blue Grapat vessel (love the colour matching) and very gently placed it in the centre of the table. He declared done and ran off – I love the simplicity of it!

Day 4: Plant wildflowers

Our pack came with two little paper flowers pressed with wildflower seeds so after school Oren planted these in our garden. He loves being out there so jumped at the chance to plant them. Oren was very excited when the paper dissolved after watering to reveal the wee seeds! Can’t wait to see what grows!

Day 5: Google Wild Facts

We had fun with this one. Edward loves any excuse to have a fight with Siri on my phone so he asked her lots of fish related questions while we built a fish out of our wooden toys…

Then after an adventure in the paddling pool we googled whether or not snails could swim and then moved a little snail to safety!

Day 6: Quiz your friends on animals

This was a great one for all 3 boys to do together. Edward and Oren took turns describing animals and getting each other to guess what they were, then they both took turns teaching Loki the noises that various animals made. It was loud and noisy and all 3 of them loved it! Fab activity I love how they are all instinctively looking out for each other now!

Day 7: Meditate in the wild

Now this one I tried, we all tried – but it just didn’t happen. I think meditating with 3 children, a cat and a dog is just not going to happen any time soon. We did something else along the same theme though; mandala making!

We used a giant peony rose and our Grapat loose parts and made a pretty mandala and it kept the boys nice and calm and quiet. I’d argue it was as effective as meditation – worked for us anyway!

Day 8: Look up at the clouds

We would of if we could of! It was clear blue skies all day so we looked up and wished for rain! It’s not rained for over a week and everything is hot, dry and dying, so we desperately need it. Loki has been learning new words daily this week so we used our Wodibow Weather magnets and taught him cloud, sun and rain. Hopefully we won’t be waiting too much longer!

Stay tuned for the next installment of our #30dayswild

Please comment below if you’re joining in too!

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