Product Review: Rudi and Bear

One of my favourite things about Instagram is the treasure trove of goodies you can find on there. All the amazing wee shops, WAHMs and all the gorgeous pictures is a great way to spend 10 minutes hiding from the boys!

I found Rudi & Bear via a friend’s account she was spamming everyone with pictures of this adorable little decorative robot called Ned. It was beautifully simple and lovingly handmade. I clicked through and started stalking Rudi & Bear myself!

The company is run by Jazz with the help of Luke and they have two adorable boys of their own to keep them busy throughout the day, in the evening they get creative and produce the most beautiful things. Wall hangings, personalised wooden blocks, robots, decorative stars to name a few. Here is the link to her Etsy shop please go have a nosey!

I was asked to be a Brand Enthusiast for them to help promote their goodies on Instagram and I happily obliged. A cheeky discount came as a perk and I soon had a robot of my own to play with.

The robot is called Ruby and she is actually a gift for my niece but the box wasn’t sealed and I had to obviously check she’d arrived safely…

Loki was immediately taken with her. Ruby is very tactile and the perfect size for small people. Each section of wood is carefully sanded and the finishing details make her truly beautiful. I cannot wait to gift her at Christmas; after I order one for us too!

I also ordered some personalised wooden blocks for Loki, embracing his namesake I had them custom painted in gold with a shimmer finish and they are truly stunning!

They are much bigger than I thought too and they are fab as foundations for an epic build or for stacking as well as looking lovely in his play space.

Jazz makes a wide range of blocks, personalised, numbers, letters, animals…there is even a Christmas themed set!

I also got a giant chunky yarn wrapped star for Loki’s bedroom. They would look fab in a cheeky flat lay too if that’s your thing! The yarn is made from recycled off cuts, which I love and it looks adorable next to Loki’s rainbow print in his nursery. I’m going to hang it on his door when we redecorate.

The code LOCHRYN10 will get you a 10% discount and you can DM on her on Instagram too if there is anything you want to discuss. I’ve got my eye on a wall hanging…

Ooh Jazz sends her items in recyclable packaging and compostable clear wrap, which is brilliant!

Happy shopping!

*I haven’t been asked to write this, I received a discount on my items but the opinions expressed above are my own!


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