Winter Solstice 2018

Last year’s blog post popped up on my TimeHop this morning and it was lovely to read it through and think back to Yule 2017. You can find it here if you fancy a read: >Winter Solstice Shenanigans<

The boys asked me in the car this morning if we’d be doing some magic when we got home tonight to celebrate the shortest day of the year. I far too eagerly replied “but of course!”

Loki is so much more aware this year, he’s clued up on the Christmas Man, he knows why the leaves have fallen off the trees, his little face which I have never seen more alive until last Sunday was utterly beautiful when he first properly glimpsed the snow. It’s been lovely to be at home with him and to share these moments with him.

Also he’s still obsessed with trees so we’ve been learning about the infamous indoor tree and why we adorn it with shiny things this time of year. Loki seems to fully embrace the idea of mischief and magic I look forward to another season exploring our Pagan roots!

Only a few weeks now until he starts Nursery. It’s going to be quite the adjustment!

For now though we can enjoy a little more magic. Loki and I got out the Winter Grapat set and explored the contents of the box. Naming all the colours this year and getting creative with stacks, piles and colour matching. We made a little scene and added some of our Ambrosius Fairies. A unicorn also randomly appeared because it was white and matched – flawless toddler logic!

Loki’s been loving exploring my wee crystal stash with his big brother Oren. He knows the pink one is called Rose (quartz) and the purple ones are Amy’s (amethyst) I tried and failed to teach him the word silly night (selenite) today, maybe we’ll try again next year with that one!

I told him the story of Yule and how today is the darkest of the year but it’s a celebration because we get to welcome the light back. He pulled out our Sun Weather Fairy and understood that it represented the light.

When the boys got home from school we used our perpetual calendar and lit some candles, frankly any excuse for a fire in this house and my boys are all over it!

Alongside our trusty Tree and Flower Fairies book we identified all the fairies and talked about what they were and what their place was in the season. Oren was fascinated with the hazelnut fairy and told Loki all about the different animals stashing them away to survive Winter.

The wall next to our house is covered in ivy and this fairy is my new favourite! The Ambrosius fairies have been a big hit here. They’ve become a talking point with the boys and they’re all so gentle with them, which is lovely to encourage.

I love the fact that the fairies are seasonal so we can tie them in with nature in such a visual and tactile way!

This year the Solstice traditions remained. We sat and discussed our wishes for Winter, looked back fondly on our favourites from Autumn and lit a fire and embraced some old magic while our Yule log burned to ash.

Another feast with ham and ginger awaits us now and I’ve made a chocolate Yule log for duff to celebrate today. We can end our Solstice festivities with full bellies ready to head into Winter!

Do you have any Solstice traditions? Please share below if you do!

Blessed be ✨



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