Product Review: Petit Lulu Reusable Cloth Nappies

I have spent the past 4 months trying out these nappies and they are just amazing. 8 years into this parenting lark and I didn’t think I was missing anything in the Cloth Nappy World but I was so wrong.

Loki, my youngest is 2 and half now and still very wet at night. My trusty night time combination was not cutting it so I went looking for another option. Petit Lulu got recommended to me half a dozen times in less than a week. I was very intrigued. I literally knew nothing about them, I regretted googling them almost immediately because their prints are amazing and I’m a total sucker for a new bit of fluff!

The lovely Radka helped me out brilliantly (I asked a lot of questions!) and I got a Night nappy in their biggest size XL, a wrap to go over the top, a normal one size nappy, the new (and totally fabulous) pull up style wrap and some cloth wipes!!

XL Night Nappy

We’ve been using them since June and I can’t find any fault with them at all! We love them, even the husband (who is anti-poppers) is delighted with the fit on these.

You get both a short and long booster, the long one affixes with poppers and then folds in half. You also get a lovely fleece liner which is great for catching poo and keeping your Little one’s bum dry.

The XL nappies are suited to 7-16 kilos which makes them perfect for older and larger children. The organic cotton and bamboo fibres make for a really absorbent nappy so they’re great overnight for those epic toddler pees!

One Size Nappy – Snap fastening

The woodland print is truly adorable. The fit, like the night nappy is fantastic. I was genuinely amazed how small this nappy can go. It’ll be perfect for role play with teddies when it’s outgrown.

It won’t be outgrown any time soon thankfully so I’m glad I get to enjoy this print a bit longer!

Nappy Cover Maxi XL – Velcro fastening

The fleece on the edge of the wraps is frankly genius. It keeps any leaks away and you don’t get any of marks left behind on your little person’s thighs and waist. They really do sit nicely and look so comfy.

The cover is so generous and went over a triple boosted nappy with room to spare! I also really like the laundry tabs on the inside too, keeps all the unwanted fluff to a minimum!

These covers can be used with anything, I’ve had prefolds, inserts, boosters and other bamboo nappies underneath and it’s been brilliant that I can use this fab breathable wrap over the top.

Pull Up Cover (wrap) XL

The pull up wrap is amazing. It’s generous, soft and really simple to use. You literally just pull it up and go. It’s great to reinforce the concept of pants on a toddler too. Loki is showing more and more interest in toilet training and being able to pull things up and down is great.

Waterproof and breathable is just perfect for next to baby’s skin.


The prints are swoon worthy. They really are so vibrant and beautiful. Any excuse for some fluff flashing when we have Petit Lulu on as they’re too pretty to hide away!

They nappies and covers wash really well are easy to assemble and the poppers make them extremely robust. They’re also completely toddler proof which is a bonus! Getting a bespoke fit is easy as you have loads of popper fastenings to choose from.

Loki is fast outgrowing his daytime nappies and I’m hoping we can move onto toilet training instead of purchasing more. Night time though he’s definitely not going to be ready there any time soon and Petit Lulu are the perfect solution. So glad we tried them and really hoping there’ll be some more UK based retailers stocking them soon!

You can find Petit Lulu < here >

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