Playtime: Grapat Perpetual Calendar and 7 Moons

I know how this sounds but adults love playing with toys! You get to embrace your inner toddler and shamelessly fiddle with all the pretties! I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds matching up all my rings and coins together oddly therapeutic and many parent will tell you there is something incredibly satisfying about finding a rogue missing Nin you thought was lost forever!  

Most of our wooden toy stash is bright and beautiful, played with daily and constantly littering my floor but some of it is slightly more decorative, gorgeous and MINE! Like hands off, stored out of the way,  get-your-tiny-sticky-fingers-away-from-it kind of mine! 

When Babipur started stocking Grapat I was blown away by its beauty, it was so simple and could see how it could be so many things, I loved it instantly. The perpetual calendar is one of my favourites and it is just stunning. Not only is it a handy learning tool for children; teaching them the date, the months, the seasons and the rhythm of the colours associated with them – it’s a very elegant looking pile of wood; perfect in my hall on my (seasonal) dressing table! 

I love having a set space for a Seasonal Display. It is great when the boy’s bring stuff home from school, there is always somewhere for it go; there is only so much you can put on the fridge after all.  It is perfect for all the completely random, but somehow apparently crucial to life itself, twigs and leaves that seem to appear in piles in different rooms of my house. The calendar and moons were perfect and they slotted right in organically, like they’d always been there.


The calendar is very simple, the circular base has all the 12 months labelled (in  English but there are Welsh and Spanish versions available too!) and wee slots for the Nins to stand in. There is a small bowl to hold the “Nin of the Month” – or whatever else your children choose, there are also two number cubes which enable you to display each date throughout the month. 

In the morning before School the boys charge about the hall in various states of undress and get ready. Eventually we somehow manage to stumble out of the door at 8:50am but not before a fight has broken out over who gets to change the date. If it happens to be the first of the month a full scale war is declared between the older two because they both want to swap the Nin in the middle… I usually intervene or encourage Loki to do it! 

The Perpetual Calendar helps the boys understand the passing of time, reinforces number orders and counting whilst changing the date, it helps them learn the months of the year and the rainbow colours of the Nins correspond and mirror the colours of the seasons perfectly. This simple toy is a very natural and tactile way to do this. It might be found in the children’s toy section but it’s lovely for adults and kids alike and it would make a beautiful gift.  

The 7 Moons, weekly calendar is the perfect accompaniment to the perpetual calendar. Each colour is used to mark the 7 days of the week in line with the Waldorf style teachings. They represent a specific day of the week and each one has their own significance. I ended up spending my birthday pennies on this set because I couldn’t resist it any longer! I was glad I did. 

Loki in particular loves that these Nins have adorable little acorn hats on and fit very neatly inside their own wee vessel. Loki being almost two now, is still quite partial to a spot of things into things! It’s also a handy activity to encourage colour matching and work on those fine motor skills of his.

I look forward to the day when I hopefully get to explain all about these Grapat sets to my grandchildren!

Grapat is a very small family run company based in Catalunya and they make the most beautiful things. Their items are made from locally sourced natural materials and are both ethically and sustainably made, which I love. Babipur stock a wide range of their products and you can find them here.

The code BUDDY will get you 10% off Grapat at Babipur. 
*I haven’t been asked to write this, all the items pictured are my own. I’m just a big fan sharing the Grapat love! 


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