The terrible twos…

So Lochryn turned 2 last week – This won’t be the last time I say this, but I can’t believe it’s been 2 whole years since I missed Sherlock because I was in labour…

These 2 years have gone so fast! Lochryn has gone from a not so wee 10lb 13oz newborn to a full on toddler tornado with a penchant for climbing and shouting louder than his brothers!

The run up to Christmas saw Mark and I skip off for week in Vienna, then chaos descended before the big day and to top it off, a full house for 3 weeks has meant our routines have all been disrupted. Loki’s long established sleep routine has been iffy for a few weeks now.

I say iffy… what I mean is that there has been a lot of screaming in the past 4 weeks and I mean a lot. I genuinely think Loki has made more noise at night in the past few weeks than he ever did as a newborn!

The terrible twos? Sleep regression? Separation anxiety? Generally embracing being a wee toe rag? I wish I knew…

So. Much. Screaming!

Screaming aside, for his birthday we got him the gorgeous Drewart Cowshed (from Babipur) and thanks to generous family and friends it was quickly filled with Holztiger Farm Animals.

It was a big hit. Things into things is still very much an obsession here. Added to his nest on wheels Plan Toys wagon he got for Christmas and it means, quite frankly, Loki is very much winning at life right now! The sheer joy in being 2 years old is definitely something he is embracing!

We had a quiet family day filled with farm stories and animal sounds, terrible dancing and endless tower building. Ooh not forgetting the obligatory blue chocolate cake!

Turning 2 is a big milestone – they really do grow so quick at this age! We measured and marked his height for the first time on his door frame; just like his brothers. (Hopefully a tradition to keep until they leave home.) He blew out his own candles with such enthusiasm and excitement it was so evident that Loki knew exactly what was going on. Much more so than I’d realised. He really is a whole year older now.

Loki doesn’t have many words yet, but his understanding of the world around him is brilliant. His developmental milestones are all exactly where they need to be but his frustration with articulating himself is very clear to rest of the house! Each day he gets to grips with saying a new word, usually forgotten by the next day, but I don’t think it’ll be long before we’re having proper conversations with him instead of noisy incoherent toddler babble.

Rather annoyingly clever little Loki has clocked that screaming gets the quickest reaction from us and is frequently resorting to it to get what he wants even if he doesn’t know what he wants! Aside from general despair at the realisation we’re in “that” phase we’re trying to embrace it and teach him new words. I just need to make sure it’s the right ones though; I forgot how much of a parrot a 2 year old can be.

My most recent parenting fail is screamed in my face every night now when Loki shouts for his brothers to join him at the dinner table;


*I literally hang my head in shame at this point… whilst giggling quietly in the kitchen! Also maniacally shouting “fire” isn’t exactly helpful whilst doing the weekly shop!

When his brothers turned 2 we transitioned them from the cot into an adult sized single bed. I was initially hesitant at doing this with Loki because of the shenanigans with his sleeping but we decided to just go for it. I got the bed frame a few months ago from a local BST page and ordered a new mattress and some bedding just before his birthday.

Loki was very excited when he saw the new bed. He knew what it was and wasn’t apprehensive about going in it at all, which was great. The first few nights (as expected) he fell out, but we quickly lifted his groggy lump of a body back in without much fuss. He looked so small all curled up in a wee ball wedged in the corner of his giant bed!

However, after those first blissful, quiet, peaceful few days he’s started waking again and screaming for us in the middle of the night, 3am, 4am, 5am – we’ve seen every hour more than once this week – it’s been hard! He’ll settle if one of us stays with him, so a couple of times we ended up co-sleeping just so we could all get some rest. I’m glad he’s actually in a bed, makes joining him so much easier!

The older two went back to school last week and the sense of routine in the house has been restored once more. A few belated birthday presents have kept us entertained all week and we’ve had lots of fun just the two of us again. Fingers crossed we’ve cracked the sleeping thing. This weekend has seen 2 naps and 2 bedtimes and 2 full nights sleep without tears so here’s hoping his sleeping patterns are back to normal!

We finally started painting yesterday; embracing the beloved trees Loki is so very fond of and we’ve filled his room with mountains and hills. Just a few more finishing touches and some home sewing (if I can find the time) to do and his room will be properly finished and not just a cot in a room full of boxes! Both the older boys want their rooms redecorated now so I can only assume Loki’s new room gets their approval!

There will be more updates to follow but for now I’m good and ready to welcome the terrible twos and all the belligerence it comes with. They’re not this wee for long so, as usual, I’ll embrace it while I can!

Happy 2nd birthday Lochryn xx


  1. What an adorable little boy! Happy birthday to him. I remember the doctor telling me to get my daughter to use her words by not reacting when she screamed. I almost asked if she wanted to move in for a bit! This too shall pass.

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