Plastic Free Picnic

Our summer holidays are over and we’ve been having picnics roughly 4 times a week I reckon, sometimes more!

Over the past few years I’ve made a lot of conscious decisions to reduce waste, especially when it comes to single use plastic and make better choices when it comes to purchasing particular items. Picnics are great for kids and families as you can eat whenever suits you, sit down wherever you find a space and just enjoy a meal together without any hassle or crazy expense.

Picnics are really easy and we have them a lot because they save us an absolute fortune! No £2 for water in a plastic bottle each to moan about, no £20 for a sad take out lunch. We can use those pennies on much better things!

Here are my plastic free picnic swaps and they’re all from Babipur – I rave about Babipur a lot but they really do make it easier for our family to reduce plastic waste, shop more ethically and save us money!

Playmat – picnic blanket

You all need at least one of these. We have 3 now!

  • They’re generous in size at 1.2 metres square
  • They’re padded, so comfier to sit on over a coat or the wet grass/sand etc.
  • They fold up and have a super clever carry handle poppers on – so you can give it to one of your kids to carry. Alternatively you can hang it over a Pram or clip it to your bag.
  • They’re machine washable! They also dry really quickly – like overnight quickly so you can use them and wash them daily if necessary.
  • They have a waterproof layer and a fleece underside, which makes it reversible. Whichever side you choose though you’ll always have a dry bottom!
  • They come in really funky bright prints.
  • Can be used as a blanket too for a sleepy baby/toddler or in the car on long journeys.
  • When folded up – makes a great pillow!

We’ve had our two for over 2 years now and I really can’t rate them highly enough. I’ve just recently added a third…

Reusable Water Bottles

These could not be more useful. My draining board is always full of KKs. We all have one and they get used daily. They’re fab. Any decent water bottle is a fab investment but I like Klean Kanteens because they’re ethically and sustainably made and we’ve had some of these nearly 3 years and they’re still just as good as the day we bought them. I’ve never had a plastic water bottle last more than a few months!

Reusable water bottles will save you actual money too. What’s not to like about that?! We’ve recently invested in a big 40oz one to keep as a back up on long days out. We’ve been filling it with ice and then enjoying nice cold water when we get back to the car. It is also perfect for the dog too if she comes along. Ideal so she’s stays hydrated on the go!

Reusable Food Storage

We have a variety of wraps, bags and stainless steel lunch boxes that come with us whenever we go out. The boys use a snack bag each day for school and I’ve bought loads as gifts since we first got them as they’re just so handy!

I like the Keep Leaf range as they’re machine washable which is a bonus. Have handy Velcro fastenings and come in a fab range of sizes! Big fan of the Planet Wise range too as the zips keep things nice and fresh.

I recently got another A Slice of Green stainless steel lunch box after my son’s plastic one broke. Definitely noticed the benefit to replacing plastic with stainless steel already. This lunch box is much more robust, a damn sight easier to clean and it’s more compact too which is a bonus for school bags and carrying out and about.

Reusable Straws

My kids love straws and to be honest so do I! We often have milk shakes or smoothies and the only way to drink those is with a straw so we bought some Klean Kanteen reusable straws to reduce our plastic waste. They have the super soft silicone tip which makes them reassuringly safe for children to use and they can go in the dishwasher!

We’ve recently been using them to make fruit kebabs as the straw itself it’s great for topping strawberries and hulling cherries! I do love a multi use item! Definitely a win win for us!

Wet Bags & Cloth Wipes

Now I still have one in nappies so I never go anywhere without cloth wipes but on our picnic days we have a small planet wise zipped bag with clean damp wipes in.

We’ve used cloth wipes for years now and they’re no hassle at all. A clean bag and a dirty bag has always worked for us. We use them for hands and faces when out and about and have a set for Loki’s bum for nappy changes!

Other essentials…

We often take toys out with us, never going to pass an opportunity for a Nins in the wild shot after taking them to Vienna with us last year. It’s now become a challenge between the boys to try and find the most random thing to “Nin” …

It’s fun for the kids too to have a cheeky play with their toys outdoors or in addition to whatever nature has to offer. Mandala making has become a lot of fun this summer. Oren especially loves making patterns and hunting out leaves and sticks and pine cones to line up. Shells on the beach too was great for a quiet 5 minute activity.

I hope you’ve had or are having a lovely summer and that you too have made some plastic free swaps!

Please comment below if you have any other suggestions or tips for a plastic free picnic?!

Team Worrall xxx

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