An honest period


Woke up late, back aching, terrible night’s sleep. I’ve come on. Epic timing as usual as this is going to be the busiest week of the month. Perfect!


Popped on a mini pad as it won’t be on long as I’ll change it to a bigger one after my shower.

I’m already noticeably bloated today; will have to rethink my dress for my niece’s party. Sigh…


Shower and pad change. Positioned towards the back as I’m going to be sat on the car for a few hours.

Packed some spare pads and a wee wet bag to take with me.


After lunch quick pad change another big one.

Didn’t rinse the previous pad as had an audience of children that weren’t mine and no lock on the bathroom door. I’m all for being open about this in my own home but there are some things Father in law just doesn’t need to see!

Chasing the kids about meant my flow was kept under control, which was a bonus.


Pad change and again positioned towards the back for car journey home.

So bloated. I had to roll my trousers down on the drive back. Just want to stretch out or curl into a ball – can’t decide!

Very heavy on the way home too, slightly concerned I was going to leak all over the car but gladly it’s never as bad as I imagine and the pad coped well!


Pad change, a fluffy velour one for some cosy comfort whilst curled up in my jammies on the sofa.


Bedtime and time for the biggest pad I own! My first night also sees haemorrhage style bleeding. The joys!


No leaks = Winning!!!

Worst night’s sleep of my cycle is over. Lower back pain is horrendous. Cramps have started, hopefully they won’t be too bad this month. Oh and I’m absolutely starving.


While I had a shower rinsed out all of yesterday’s pads at my feet. No wasted water this way too. Put all the pads I wore yesterday in with the next load of washing.


A small pad on for the morning at home. Busy sorting a log delivery for the winter. Back pain and cramps have stepped up a notch.



Very heavy today and cramps have been extremely irritating. I’m exhausted this morning as well. I want a cuddle and some carbs. Promptly get bounced on, climbed on by all 3 boys.


Hung the freshly washed pads up to dry.


House is in chaos as we get set to leave to go to the Enchanted Forest. No one can find matching shoes.

Cramps at full force. Hot drinks, peppermint tea and carbs are helping but not as much as matching shoes could.

Fresh pad; a big one. Positioned towards the back again for the car journey.


Pad change in the smallest restaurant toilet ever. Sink is in full public view rather bizarrely thanks to a broken door so rinsing will wait till tomorrow again. Into the woods we go…

Back ache and cramps are killing me, it’s cold and that’s not helping. I keep having to lift a child so they can see things at the show. Ended up taking some painkillers. So glad I keep some paracetamol in the car first aid kit.


Pad change in a portable toilet was fun. No hand washing facilities was even better. Thank the gods for cloth wipes and anti bac gel. Not ideal but the best I can do.


Home. Cramps have eased. Back is sore. Flow has definitely calmed down. Changed into another giant pad. Bedtime.



No leaks!

Busy day. Powering through the back pain to get everything packed to leave for our trip to visit family in Manchester.

Pad change, a mini. Will judge my flow before I shower later this morning.


Leaked on the breakfast table chair. Argh! Had to wrestle with the smallest to stop him touching the blood and then shout at the dog for trying to lick it.


Flow seems to have settled but after my shower cramps have stepped up a bit so will stick with a big one just in case.


Pad changed. Car loaded. 3 kids all fastened in. Let’s go!


So bloated. Food and coffee stop at Motorway services. Pad change and some carbs.

I’m shamelessly embracing the stereotype today.



I want chocolate and carbs and if everyone could stop bloody touching me and shouting my name on repeat that would be great.

No mood swings this month though – yay!


Arrived in Manchester. Absolutely shattered. Kids wired to the moon, I just want to stretch out and lie down. Super fast pad change and jumped at the chance to climb into bed with the smallest.


The smallest is a million degrees and in a fidgety mood whilst he foolishly insists he’s not tired. I tag in Mark.

Drank some fresh Orange juice to get the vitamin C. I can feel my iron stores literally draining this month.

Pad change before bed.



The spare bed at my Mum’s is so uncomfortable. So grateful for an actual bed but its hard work even when I’m not on. The night was spent fighting for space or the quilt and getting kneed in the back or stomach by my husband.

Have leaked on my jammies thanks to all the restlessness – the first one to notice is my Mum’s crazy dog. He will not leave me alone.


Pad change and rinsed the rest from yesterday in the shower. Stored them in a wet bag with Loki’s nappies to wash later on this week.


Showered and ready to head into Manchester for lunch. A couple of pads ready in the change bag and a pad on ready for action.


Quick change after lunch, still surprisingly heavy. Bloating isn’t too bad today and despite eating my body weight in sandwiches and cake my trousers are still pretty comfortable! Winning!


Pad is clean. Do I fall for this or what?


It has been a long day. A maxi pad for bed. Just in case.



Argh! Still bleeding. Why isn’t this over yet?! The back ache has gone and no cramps.

Shower and change into another maxi pad – my last clean one!


We went out for breakfast and changed my pad in the restaurant – surprisingly heavy this month. Drank plenty of fresh Orange juice.


Back to my Mum’s and a quick change again into another pad (last clean one) – slightly paranoid about leaks. The dog is not helping!

Put the pads in with the nappies to wash.


Off to a BBQ. Change into a disposable pad. I already hate myself for using it. It is a poor life decision.

Sort nappies and pads for drying. It’s really warm today so fingers crossed for a dry pad later on.


Paranoia at maximum – I swear you can hear it rustling like a plastic bag whenever I move and the smell is actually disgusting?! It’s like someone has sprayed air freshener down there. It is not natural at all.


Back at my parents house and back into a lovely soft clean and dry, fresh, non itchy pad. It is actual bliss.


I’m going to risk going pad free tonight. I think I just need the freedom after using a disposable. I really can’t use them anymore – it’s muff fluff or nothing!



I’m declaring done. It’s over for another 5/6 weeks, hopefully!


Might just pop a liner on to be safe…



  1. Ah Jo, this rings so true! Especially the hating yourself for the occasional disposable (the rustle and the smell – I hear you!) Plus the “please no-one touch me!”

    I always get so hot and sweaty the first 2 days and can’t stand anyone being near me! It’s not all riding bicycles and looking pretty like the adverts depict!

    Liked by 1 person

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