Loaves for Lammas

This year especially I think Lammas might be my favourite from the Pagan Wheel. The Lammas (or if you were forced to do the church thing at school; the First Harvest) celebration marks the beginning of the end of Summer – bring it on!

One of the perks of living in Scotland is we don’t get crazy hot summers…this year has been the exception. It’s been great to have some nicer weather and not just 8 weeks of rain but for the love of the Gods please just bring back the cooler weather… like now!

All around us we can see signs that Autumn is on the way. The nights are getting that wee bit longer. Our allotment and garden are producing more ripe berries faster than we can eat or make jam with. Also soooooooo many courgettes, we’ve eaten them every night for over a week. If you want any let me know!

Our village has an orchard and on a trip up to the bike Park we’ve noticed the apples are almost ready to pick.

Rather hilariously Lammas was named due to the literal translation of “loaf mass” that happens during the time of the harvest. All that fresh wheat filled everyone’s stores and loaves were baked to celebrate and enjoyed at feasts. Baking bread is an important part of this particular Pagan celebration. It’s also a great metaphor for the boys as you can tie in all the elements and explain the role the Gods have to play at this time of the year.

Bread making encompasses all the elements;

  • Seeds represent the earth
  • Water is required to mix the dough
  • Air helps it rise and prove
  • Fire from the oven bakes the loaf

Tying this back to the stories of the Gods the seed grain from wheat (flour) is a perfect example of rebirth. A never ending cycle of life of a simple concept for the boys to understand.

We made a loaf whilst Loki napped this afternoon. It was a fun thing to do on a rainy day and Loki slept longer than usual so we made a cheeky banana loaf too!

Before bedtime this evening we cleared up today’s mess and made an altar. We used all the colours associated with the seasons with the exception of green for grass as we’ve not seen green grass for weeks because the sun has scorched it all!

The boys chose Rumpelstiltskin to bring some mischief to proceedings as his colours worked well with the rest of the altar. They got very excited when I lit the candle as usual – any excuse to start a fire and these boys are all over it!

Lammas is an ideal time to re-evaluate a bit and focus on some personal skills. The boys go back to school in less than 2 weeks and we all discussed what we hope to achieve over the next few months. The boys are looking forward to seeing all their friends again and getting stuck into new topics and books at school. I’m looking forward to having some more fun and shenanigans at work and Mark is making great progress with his PhD. He’s actually now hopeful he can finish it a year earlier than planned, which is brilliant.

Autumn is coming and I’m going to soak up the last of the sun while I can, we might not get so lucky again!

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