Lunch through toddler eyes

This blog post is completely random but I want to remember it because it has been such a lovely experience.

With all the Christmas activities we’ve been giving Loki one of our phones to keep him quiet and distracted through school events, nativity plays etc – he loves looking through our pictures and has more than a soft spot for the Penguins we saw over the summer. Today he accidentally activated the camera and his entire face lit up when he realised he could take pictures himself.

We went for lunch with our lovely friend Dawn and to indulge in some adult conversation and a hot coffee I left him to it. He wandered around the quiet restaurant taking a million pictures of everything. Running back every now and then to show and tell us what he’d seen. It was adorable.

When we got home I sat with him and looked through them all. There was 214 in total. We deleted all the completely blurry ones and duplicates and then had a proper chat about “lunchtime”.

Loki’s speech has flourished in recent weeks and it’s proper sentences now and he gets really animated talking and giving us his thoughts on things. It’s amazing and especially delightful that all the anger and frustration at not having his toddler gibberish understood has now passed!

So here goes our lunch in a show and tell style with Loki aged “very nearly going to be 3”;


This is our lovely friend Dawn. She’s put up with so much from us lot and we’re so happy she’s part of our life. We occasionally take her out to lunch but mostly shout at her from our window when we see her walk past.


We’re a bit obsessed with Christmas trees at the moment, building them, touching them, pointing at them, shouting at them on TV so we’ve covered all the angles here; “near, close and far away” (apparently)

“Look Mummy “patter-runs””

Mandala making and pattern spotting are a regular occurrence in the house and Loki is getting pretty good at spotting them in the wild now too!

“FLOWERS and smelly pots.”

Not a fan of scented candles it would seem – good to know.

“The blue bit feels lovely but I didn’t touch it Mummy.”

Right then…

“SHADOWS Mummy look and look there are no shadows up high (ceiling) and I don’t think that’s me on the picture it’s someone else’s hair I don’t think so”

“TOYS Mummy look. It’s like a ladybird and I love buttons can I have a belt like this please?”

Well this set of pictures seems to be pretty self explanatory.

“Not tea. Black juice. I don’t like knives.”

“Don’t touch the FIRE and look a scary lady”

I actually laughed out loud at that one!

“Mummy it’s mummy and grass. I like grass because it’s green!”

Fair enough!

“Purple is a good colour. Ooh beans Mummy I want them in my belly. Dawn’s sandwich can I have a bit please if I take a picture?”

Bargaining, toddler style!

“Mummy are those reindeer? With TINSEL! Christmas Reindeer to watch us eat? I don’t think so Mummy.”

Not sure he was entirely ok with these guys and he kept giving them a wide berth just in case.

So there you have it. Lunch through toddler eyes, an hour of quality conversation and a good discussion afterwards. Not to mention 29 photos to cherish!

I am genuinely looking forward to doing this again to see what he sees. Perspective is a magical thing and it’s lovely to see things from Loki’s point of view.



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