Chinese New Year: Okönorm Clay Fun

Happy Chinese New Year! Today officially marks the Year of the Dog! If you’re celebrating I hope you have a good one. The boys and I had some fun with the Okönorm Earth Clay set from Babipur last week!

There are lots of crafting ideas to try out on the Babipur blog here if you fancy a nosey; might find us on there too! Edward wants to do the tree painting activity that Gemma created for her boys (which I think Loki would love) and Oren really wants to make the wee felt balls that Heather and her boys did!

*Pictures from Heather, at Babipur

Heather, at Babipur

Heather, at Babipur

Firstly we worked out who was who in the Chinese Calendar. Daddy is a Pig, Mummy is a Rat, Edward is a Tiger, Oren is a Dragon and Lochryn is a Sheep!

Edward realised we have some of those in Holztiger form so we gave those to Loki to play with after his nap because we got carried away with the clay!

The Okönorm clay Earth Set comes in 4 colours; Black, White, Reddy Orange and Brown. We used this set to do some Hallowe’en crafting last year it’s great fun. The resealable pots keep it nice and fresh and you get a good amount in each colour to work with.

We’ve tried Loki with Okönorm Clay a few times but he’s still at that “ooh what does this taste like?!” phase! Perfect for the older two though. Edward quietly got on with a 2D “flat” Skye creation and Oren wanted some help to make a 3D sculpture.

Skye, our dog, is a Liver and White English Springer Spaniel with 3 distinct brown spots on her back. The boys often draw her in pictures at school and home but this was the first attempt at a clay version.

We had great fun and the modelling clay kept the 3 of us entertained most of the afternoon! We made mini Skye’s then moved onto monsters and chicks… as you do!

If you leave this clay out for a few days, or a week if it’s a chunkier model, it sets pretty much solid. They would make lovely keepsakes or gifts or even decorations around the home. We’ve got some Easter clay activities planned and I think I need to order some Okönorm paint to try that tree finger painting activity with Loki that Gemma and her boys did. It looks like great fun!

When we were finished the clay is really pliable so comes apart easy and then back into the wee pots for storage until the next time. Skye wanted a closer inspection before we tidied up though and ended up on the table having a good nosey!

There is a huge Okönorm range of arts and crafts supplies available at Babipur perfect for little and not so little ones! You can find it all here!

Happy Chinese New Year 🐶


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