Gunpowder, Treason and Plot 

Those 3 words can accurately be used to sum up my life with 3 boys…this week especially!

Edward is the gunpowder that lays in wait ready to go off (in a huff) any second, Oren the treacherous would sell us all out for a second Biscuit at the moment and Lochryn…well…Loki is always plotting something! 

Those dimples though?!

Hilarity aside, Edward and Oren have been covering Guy Fawkes at School this week. They are in P2 and P3 but focussing on completely different aspects of it. Oren is creating firework after firework in lots of different styles of crafts and Edward is learning all about the foiled plot itself. 

Edward came home on Friday with a question that his teacher didn’t manage to answer; Why do we celebrate Guy Fawkes when he was a bad man? 

I think it’s really important to take the time to answer every question your child asks. No matter how silly. If they’ve asked it, it matters to them. 

The answer is; we don’t. We celebrate the victory of his capture. This concept Edward found tricky to understand. Now most of us will be familiar with the events of 1605 when Guy Fawkes was apprehended in the tunnels beneath Parliament trying to blow up the King. As the news spread all over the city bonfires were lit to celebrate stopping the attack. It was a huge victory in the ongoing battle between the Catholic rebels and the Protestants in Power. Edward added that he thought it was really silly the fight had started in the first place when basically both sides were arguing over how to worship the same God…but I think I’ll save that explanation for another time! 

Oren asked me “Why do we have fireworks?” The answer is that they are made and powered by Gunpowder and therefore a tenuous link to the historic plot. However it’s much more commercial than that. It is a sad reminder of money making schemes changing history; for example, this is why Santa is red and no longer green. Again, a lesson for another time! 

With Samhain only last week Guy Fawkes’ Day brings another reason to celebrate, another occasion to be marked. I think it is important to remember and make a nod to events in history like this because it’s an excellent tool for demonstrating how far we’ve evolved, grown and developed. I think they’re great learning curves for children too. 

Today we’ve been tinkering around with a few firework crafts ourselves by making explosions with some balsamic vinegar and a container of water. Edward wanted to pour it straight in… 

Oren opted for the calpol syringe! 

Loki was mesmerised, whilst holding onto Daddy, watching the vinegar mix in with the water. It was a nice and short activity for all 3 of them while Daddy explained some of the science behind explosions. We all enjoyed looking at the pictures afterwards. 

It was then all hands to the kitchen table to make Bonfire Crispy Cakes for duff! Loki didn’t help as such, more helped himself to the mixture! 

Never one to miss a foodie themed opportunity; we had bangers and mash for tea with “fire” peppers and dip. Then we had the Bonfire cakes for pudding.  The boys were thrilled! 

We’ve just got back from a bonfire and firework display in a neighbouring village. The boys had a great time and even Loki stayed awake this year. It was freezing though so we’re all cosying up with hot chocolates in front of the fire. 

Happy Guy Fawkes’ Day! 


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