The Enchanted Forest 

Our annual trip to the Enchanted Forest in Faskally Woods, Pitlochry was amazing. This was our 5th year returning to Scotlands biggest outdoor light show and it didn’t disappoint! 

We had lovely full bellies courtesy of Cafe Biba and eagerly awaited the short bus ride to the woods. The boys were ridiculously excited about getting their hands stamped in the line, even Loki got one this year! 

We had arranged to arrive at twilight to avoid the crowds.  We descended into the dense forest as the light faded and were blown away with the pure magic of the night. 

Loch Dunmore was the inspiration for this year’s theme. It’s at the heart of the trail and is the star of the show. Each year there have been elaborate displays with fountains, acrobatics on wires, fire balls all accompanied with music and lights. The use of the forest as a natural backdrop is truly captivating for all the ages. 

We teamed up with the Glasgow Worrall’s for our adventure this year. This meant 2 babies in carriers and 5 rogue smalls in the dark. They were all exceptionally behaved and  thankfully once they were armed with glow sticks they were easy to keep track of.

The woodland path is a figure 8 circuit with a bridge across the middle of the loch. The bridge has always been my favourite. Every year it is so different from the year before. This year it was breathtaking. 

There was a waterfall down the sides which the kids were blown away with. They kept reaching out to put their hands in! 

Once we got to second part of the circuit it was time for the water display on the centre of the Loch. Oren was with me squeezing my hand and gasping with each plume of the water. I think I spent more time watching him than I did the show. 

After the rocky choreography had finished we stopped for marshmallows and toasted them with a friendly Druid! The volunteers that help out at the show are amazing. They really go all out to make it the most magical experience. 

We continued round the loop and listened to a bedtime story through some magic stones along the path. We found a fibre optic waterfall, which sadly wasn’t working properly but was impressive none the less! 

Then we came across alien pods full of beasties… or so my nephew claimed! They lit up at different times with music and changed colours, it was beautiful. 

We even found a Gruffalo and the big bad Mouse! Couldn’t resist bringing them along.

Our woodland walk was complete and 7 sleepy yet extremely awake children suggested it was time to go. The bus trip back to Pitlochry was full of reflection and recalling our favourite moments. 

I can’t wait to book tickets for next year! It is a family tradition that I can see us continuing for many years. I can’t recommend this enough, it was a fabulous evening in the woods and it’s such a fun thing to do with or without children. It is well organised and run by a fantastic team of enthusiastic designers alongside the Forestry Commission. You can find out more about them here; The Enchanted Forest


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