Let’s Talk Periods – Positive Period Week 2018 at Babipur

An Honest Period

I posted yesterday an honest account of my period. You can find it >here< if you fancy a nosey.

Every pad change, every symptom, every panicked bit of a paranoia. Overshared far too much information, which I won’t be apologising for.

I want to normalise Periods. They’re not taboo and they don’t need to be discussed in secret.

A Positive Period

Pretty much every woman has a period in their lives and whilst we all have very different cycles, flows and routines we all go through the same process. We don’t really talk about it, or do live updates on social media (well most of us don’t!), it just happens and we just get on with it. It’s just part of a woman’s life.

20 years of periods

In summary, the week I’m on, I always avoid caffeine and drink/eat oranges (for the Vitamin C) as well as eating iron rich veggies. I’m anaemic so I have to manage my iron intake around my period as I tend to get carried away and giveaway all my stores during my cycle!

In my teens I got horrific cramps but since I’ve had children I get horrific back ache instead.

I hate it.

It’s the single most irritating symptom. It makes me feel so old! It’s a lot worse in the cooler months too, which is delightful in East Scotland.

The cramps come and go from month to month, which isn’t so bad, but you can always guarantee them if I’m busy!

The sheer joys of being a woman eh?! Also just realised I’ve been having them for 20 years now… that is genuinely terrifying!

An Eco Friendly Period

Muff fluff has made my periods so much easier. I can tailor the size and absorbency of pad needed to suit. They can go in with the next load of washing and be ready to use again the next day. I usually rinse them in the shower in a batch every morning to save on water and time, so they are really no hassle at all. It is so much better for my bank balance, my waste bin and the environment!

Let’s Talk Periods

Much like my muff fluff I am very discreet, so please do get in touch with me if you have any questions I will happily answer them all and if I can’t I’ll do my best to find out.

I’ll be around tonight in the Hangout so feel free to give me a wave or ask any questions there too.

If you fancy reading some more information or you’re looking at starting using CSP, I wrote a Beginner’s Guide to Cloth Sanitary Products last year for Babipur. You can find it >here<

Periods Are Not Taboo

Tonight Babipur as part of Positive Period Week they are hosting a Let’s Talk Periods Q&A and it’s all about breaking taboos and being open and honest with all things menstrual product related.

Babipur stock a massive range of reusable pads and cups along with some fully biodegradable single use disposable pads. There are some amazing savings to be had this week too; 15% off most of the range and lots of question and answer sessions in their Facebook Babipur Hangout Group.

There’ll be a cheeky giveaway tonight as well!

Make CSP Mainstream

I firmly believe reusable sanitary pads can be made mainstream. To do that we just need to spread the word and tell everyone! They can be used by literally everyone from young girls just starting out right through to menopause and even afterwards for incontinence.

Refuse single use, be kinder to your vagina and get some fluff for your muff. The planet will thank you for it and so will your bank balance!

A Reusable Period

You can find the reusable menstrual products range >here< at Babipur.


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