Plan Toys: Doctor’s Set

It’s the end of Plan Toys Week at Babipur and I wanted to share our latest addition, which is the lovely Doctor’s Set. I had my eye on this last Christmas but decided to wait because Loki wasn’t quite ready for role play then. He is well and truly in the zone now though!

If you saw my last post on the Make Up set from Plan Toys you’ll know my smallest copy cat is very much in the “monkey see, monkey do” phase of toddler life!

The box didn’t survive opening as it was ripped to pieces in excitement! The Doctors Set comes in a lovely red bag with a carry handle. I’ve not yet met a toddler that doesn’t love a bag full of treasures to drag around. Loki has a soft spot for making nests so he’s right into bags at the moment. Think of it as a portable nest!

The bag contains; a stethoscope, a blood pressure cuff complete with a squeaky pump, a syringe, a thermometer and… a reflex hammer.


I feel it is my duty to warn you at this point that telling your children or even worse demonstrating to them what a reflex hammer is IS A BAD IDEA! I strongly advise you hide it from sight or bury it in your garden! I have bruises that will take weeks to heal and I don’t know how my TV or glass doors have survived this week!

My husband has suggested the reflex hammer finds it way into the boy’s tool box for safety reasons. I think this is a very good idea!

Kids do not need to know what a reflex hammer is. Ever.

Moving on…

The stethoscope is adorable. Loki has been listening to all his stuffed and not so stuffed wooden animals. Even the dog has had her heartbeat checked regularly this week. It’s so cute. The stethoscope stretches nicely with elastic so it can be wrenched around their head, neck and eventually their ears with ease. It seems to be pretty indestructible!

The blood pressure cuff is brilliant. It’s big enough to go around a child’s upper arm and yet small enough to go around an adult’s wrist too. Also fits a dog easily enough, just so you know! It attaches with velcro just like the real thing and is probably something most kids will have seen at some point so it is a really good addition for some Doctor role play fun.

The thermometer looks just like our actual digital thermometer so Loki recognised that straight away and presented his armpit for testing. Ours gives your a number read out and the colours Red, Amber or Green and I hadn’t realised that Loki had taken that in until he took my temperature and declared me “geeen” – I call that a win. Personally I was relieved I didn’t need further testing…

The syringe is a fun way to keep any potential needle phobias at bay. I think my boys have been to the Doctors more for their jags than they have to be seen for anything else. They are pretty healthy kids! The plunger doesn’t plunge, but that’s probably for the best and it’s a nice size for little hands.

Unfortunately my eldest, Edward, has ruined the innocence of the syringe and told Loki you get stabbed in the bum when you’re older so now Loki is taking great delight at stabbing his poor fox and the dog in the bum! Still I’d rather take a jag in the bum than meet the reflex hammer again…

The bag for this set means it’s nice and portable too. Great for out and about or taking on a play date or travelling. Bring along a stuffed animal (and/or a dog) and you’ll have a good hour of entertainment watching a small human harassing them with their thorough version of toddler style medical testing!

You can find the Doctor’s Set here on the Babipur website. Please do go and have a nosey at the Babipur Instagram too for Pete and Jolene’s adventures in Thailand visiting the Plan Toys Factory. It’s been fascinating following them this week and seeing a few start to finish “how it’s made” of all the Plan Toys products we know and love! Can’t wait to see more from behind the scenes when they get back!


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