Folded Paper Hearts Tutorial

Hello lovelies, thought I’d share this super quick ‘how to’ guide for our folded paper heart window display.

First of all you need some square bits of paper! We’ve used kite paper, which is glossy and translucent so it looks amazing in the window but you could just as easily use anything you have to hand. I think these would look lovely done in newspaper!

You need two squares of the same size for each heart but you could use lots of different sizes too. Our kite paper is all square so was really handy for this!

Fold your square in half and crease well. Then open it back up and turn the paper 90 degrees and fold, crease and open up again.

The point of this bit is to get the centre of the square handily marked out with the folds!

Now fold it diagonally in half, great for littles to join in with, watch out for the tongue of concentration at this point!

Open it back up and then fold one corner into the centre.

Repeat for the opposite corner.

Then you fold the bottom left corner to meet the centre fold line. The neater you do this the better it will look.

And repeat for the opposite side!

Then the final fold creates the heart shape. You simply fold the top corner down a little. The boys used their thumb as a guide, I won’t give a measurement because it’ll be different depending on what size paper you use!

Repeat the whole process again with your second square sheet of paper.

Join them at the bottom tip of the heart and then carefully overlap. We used a little bit of sticky tape (or you could use glue) to secure the two pieces.

And that’s it! Done!

We did lots more in rainbow colours and decorated our window in the front room.

There are worse ways to spend an afternoon! They don’t take long to make and with a little help even my 4 year old managed to make a few!

They look just as good from the outside too!

Thanks for reading! Stay home and stay safe xx

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