Product Review: Menique Clothes Organic Thermals

Oren got new thermals

…and as well as being pretty lush they’re keeping him extra toasty. Thermal base layers are an essential up here in Scotland. The boys have them under their clothes for dog walks, rugby practice and well to be honest, they have them on pretty much daily for most of Winter!

Menique Clothes

A lovely lady from Menique Clothes got in touch with me and asked if Oren would like to try their thermals in exchange for an honest review.

Before agreeing to anything I did a bit of snooping on their website and I’m really happy with their ethos and products. Thermals are something we actually need and will make use of too so I was extra pleased when they offered to send Oren a set as he’s almost outgrown his current set!

The one thing I was really pleased about was the colour choices! I know it’s a silly thing really, but after buying boring black or white thermals for years now (that both seem to go grey in the wash!) I was delighted at the prospect of some actual colour!

Organic Thermals

We are big fans of organic cotton clothing in this house and it’s lovely to be able to add in quality organic thermals to my boy’s wardrobes without having to worry about synthetic fibres and micro plastics etc.

Instead of writing down the benefits of organic wool for you I’ll link a handy blog post from the Menique website instead – have a read of this >here<

Menique clothes use Merino wool that is ethically and sustainably sourced. Natural fibres against your skin is always the best option in my opinion. Merino wool keeps you warm in the cold. It’s breathable so will also keep you cool in the warm. These layers can be a base underneath other clothes or look just fine on their own. Oh, and just to add they dry ridiculously quickly toothat’s a parenting win right there!

This is what we got…

We got a small cardboard box in the post a week or so later. It contained a full thermal set with a long sleeved top and matching cuffed leggings. They were folded neatly in plastic free packaging; a cardboard sleeve kept the outfit protected and there was a cute and simple heart cut out detail on the front. They even snuck in some tasty vegan chocolate too, which was really kind!

First thoughts…

I was pretty impressed actually. The garments were as pictured and expected and ridiculously soft – I mean, ridiculously soft. The denim colourway we were sent is a lovely shade of blue. It actually matches his eyes perfectly so I was looking forward to him getting home from school so he could try them on!

Clever design

The construction of the clothes is really clever. Simple, but clever. The seams are external so there are no scratchy bits to bother delicate skin. The neck doesn’t have an annoying label to worry about and the Menique Goat logo label is discreetly tucked away on one of the outer sleeves. Nice and simple.

The waistband for the leggings is nice and soft. Not too thick and not too thin that it digs in. All the seams are well sewn, just like the top, so nothing irritates you anywhere. They’re a great length too. All my boys are tall and we often have ankle grazing issues with their trousers but these are a fab length!

Oren’s thoughts

After I repackaged his parcel for him to open he enthusiastically tore into it and immediately stripped off – Always a good sign!

He really liked the colour and noted straight away that they were super soft. Oren expressed concerns they were so thin they might not be very warm but eagerly tried them on.

After trying out some of his favourite “model” poses he declared he was really cosy and these were ‘well better’ than his boring black thermals!’

One thing he added was that the neckline wasn’t too tight. I know that bothers him on his other set (we’ve actually stretched the stitches a wee bit to ease that) so that was great to know.

Both the top and bottoms are a super slim fit, but they are completely unrestrictive and will (and have) definitely do the job at keeping him warm.

Final thoughts

Well we’ve had the thermals a few weeks now and they’ve been through the wash 3/4 times and still look amazing. There is no bobbling, no shrinkage and no colour fade. More importantly they’re still nice and soft! So it’s definitely a thumbs up from us.

You can find the Menique website >here< Colourful organic base layers for both kids and adults. Edward isn’t far off outgrowing his current set so I know where I’ll be going for the next size up!!

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