Vegan Sweeties Review

My boys have been Vegetarian for a few years now and we pretty much gave up on sweeties because they were so hard to find, super expensive and some of them were just really horrible!

VE Sweeties got in touch and kindly sent us a box of treats and oh my goodness they are AMAZING! I obviously taste tested a few, just to make sure they were ok and you really cannot tell the difference.

Just look at all those sweeties! The boys were so excited! There was a huge variety in the mix too, which was fab. The boys all have their favourites so there was plenty to choose from. All of the products at VE Sweeties are 100% VEGAN, they even stock chocolate and fudge too!

The packaging was plastic free, which was brilliant! I poured the sweeties into a jar and then popped the box in recycling. Perfect!

Yummy things come in simple packaging!

VE Sweeties have given me a cheeky discount code to share with you all. If you fancy a 25% discount on your next order of sweet treats then use the code: WORRALL25 check out their website at

I think my fave sweet is the good old fashioned cola bottle. Which is your favourite sweetie? Let me know in the comments below 😊

Image from VE Sweeties

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