Product Review: Fern CSP

It’s another muff fluff blog post. Now, if that’s not your thing please scroll on by, or better yet hit the share button. Let’s spread some fluffy love.

I was very kindly sent 3 Fern Cloth Sanitary Pads (2 medium and 1 large) from Babipur to help promote the launch and they know I’m a huge muff fluff fan! Babipur or Fern haven’t asked me to do this blog post – I just apparently have a desperate need to overshare these sorts of things with you it would seem!

I do genuinely think more people should know about reusable cloth pads. If folk were aware there was a choice and this becomes more mainstream it can help make a real difference to everyone. You’ll be saving a fortune and the planet – it’s win win!

What are they made of?

They’re made up of an amazing thin bamboo fleece absorbent layer, backed up with fancy floral (and waterproof) PUL. Fern donate 1% of their fluffy sales to charities that support children, specifically period poverty – which I think you can agree is rather fabulous!

First thoughts

They’re sooooooooooo pretty. Like ridiculously pretty. I don’t really do this level of pretty. It might be too pretty if I’m honest. I kind of enjoy my Walking Dead blood splatter pads for obvious reasons!!! But, lots of people like pretty and these fit the bill!

They’re really thin. Worryingly thin. Slightly anxious about testing them out sort of thin. I think I will make sure I’m sat on my trusty playmat when the time comes…

Eco friendly packaging

They arrived naked! I love that! There was a little cardboard tag that can be recycled with care instructions and directions on, good to refer to if needed. But that was it, no wrapping, no sleeve, no annoying bits of landfill that only go straight in the bin. Just the 3 pads in a box!

I was genuinely delighted there was no plastic wrapping in sight with these pads. There simply doesn’t need to be. This is a great idea, I hope more brands adopt this too.

Budget friendly

Eco options more often than not carry a higher price tag. If you’re going to buy something you can reuse over and over instead of use once and throw away it’s obviously going to cost more. Sometimes it’s hard to justify. Sometimes you have to weigh it up and realise that some things are worth investing in.

These pads all have a fab price tag. They’re very budget friendly. They will last years if cared for properly. More than half my CSP stash is 5 years old and still in brilliant condition. These are definitely worth the extra pennies.

Pretty picture time!

I took some pretty pictures so you can see the different sizes and shapes and popped them in for a quick pre wash so they were good to go.

They look incredibly similar to disposable sanitary pads you’re probably familiar with. The pretty floral print sits against your underwear and the soft white pad topper goes against your skin.

They can fold up really small if you tuck them in and fasten the poppers together as pictured. I fold mine like this when I’m using them out and about. They take up no real extra room at all, as you can see. *Nin for scale!

What on Earth is happening with the Care label???

One odd thing is the care label. Right at the front at the top of the pad. It’s a proper eyesore and quite irritating against your skin if it gets folded back when in situ. It looks a bit like an afterthought to me but the placement they’ve gone with is just… well it’s just really odd! Most pads I own have a wee tag on the wing, if they have one at all. This is just the weirdest thing I’ve seen on a pad.

Aesthetically it’s pretty ugly and practically it’s irritating in a place you really don’t want to be irritated!

I cut one off because it bothered me that much but then I had to repair the stitching. I ended up using with my sewing machine so it didn’t take long. You could easily remove it by hand and hand sew it closed. No big deal but not exactly ideal either. This could be easily avoided if the label was in a different location.

The logo label is on one of the wings so when you’re wearing them that’s tucked nice and safely away.

Positive period?

Well, I came on and gave the pads a thorough testing. In fact I’ve done 2 cycles now with them and they’ve done remarkably well, despite being so thin! I didn’t need to worry about sitting on my playmat after all.

I particularly love the larger pad. The way it’s shaped is perfect if your flow is heavy and you’re a front or back bleeder. You can position it either way in your pants and it’ll keep you nice and protected where you need it most. I really love that more and more CSP makers are shaping their pads to suit heavier flows. I’m delighted to now have this option in my stash. I might actually pop another one in my next order as it’ll be great to have a couple.

You get two poppers to chose between so they fasten securely in your undies. I had no issue with movement, which was great. Both sizes were very discrete with them being so slim so that gives you a bit more freedom with clothes etc and less paranoia!

They washed brilliantly and dried super quick overnight, which was a bonus.

No complaints from me at all!

Final thoughts

Fern are a new company from the folk behind the brand Tickle Tots. They make fabulous nappies and the most amazing high quality wet bags. Their prints are always beautiful wee illustrations, classic and fun. I sincerely hope the cute designs make their way to Fern too as pretty flowers isn’t really my thing! Give me dirty welly boots any day – shameless picture of my beloved welly bag!

Please sort the care label out though. It’s in such a bizarre place – better yet just get rid of it!

What else?

There is also a smaller pad, suitable for light flow and a wee wet bag to match this collection. I’ve no use for smaller pad as my flow is all or nothing but the regular and heavy pads are great additions for me personally. The wet bag looks ideal for taking out and about and it’s nice you can embrace the matchy matchy if that’s your thing!

Check out Fern at Babipur now.

Ask me stuff!

I’ve got years of experience using muff fluff and it’s so easy to swap over to! If you’ve got any questions or you’re thinking of making the switch to CSP please don’t be afraid to ask me anything in the comments below or you can contact me discretely via my blog.

Thanks for reading lovelies



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