Product Review: Smart Bottoms

Smart Bottoms are an American brand that make reusable nappies and accessories. I’ve been sent a fab bundle to test out which included different types of nappies, nappy covers, a variety of boosters and a generously sized wet bag!

Straight out of the box and onto the bum with this one! Loki was very pleased with the dragons on this nappy cover – it’s definitely his new favourite!

It was an awesome haul! No plastic packaging, which was a bonus. Everything came with recyclable cardboard inserts that had all the necessary information on. Nice and simple.

Smart Bottoms release such irresistible prints so regularly it’s easy to see why so many folks are becoming cloth nappy addicts! You can find Smart Bottoms here and their website has tons of information on fitting, with great descriptions and lots of pictures. It came in very handy while I was figuring this new (to me) brand out!

Initial thoughts…

  • The prints are adorable.
  • They’re well made and robust with popper fastenings.
  • The sheer variety of boosters is great.
  • The wet bag is a great size and very well designed. The carry/hanging handle is particularly useful.
  • Very slim fitting
  • The narrowest inserts I’ve ever seen!

Thoughts after testing…

We tried the AIO and the Dream Nappies. They were easy to assemble and washed well. Secure poppers held the inserts in place nicely.

They are a slimmer fit which is great for normal clothes fitting properly and the popper fastening is great. Sadly, they just don’t seem to work for us. Leg leaks a plenty and Loki just doesn’t seem comfy in them. The inserts are so narrow they bunch up and resulted in a lot of fidgeting.

Smart Bottoms Dream nappy features a mix of cotton and hemp as the insert. The Smart One AIO features 100% organic cotton. I didn’t notice any difference in fit or absorbency between the AIO and the Dream but it’s nice to have the option if you prefer one over the other.

The leg leaks were such a shame. I am a big fan of a double gusset precisely for this reason! Adding different boosters and inserts helped but with my very active climbing toddler we got leg leaks pretty much every wear if they were on more than a couple of hours.

The wraps however have double gussets so I was immediately a fan! They have 2 poppers on each side to fasten and lots of options to get a good fit. I would have liked an extra popper to get a truly snug fit but overall they’re a fab nappy cover. They wash well and dry super fast too so really handy for the colder months!

*The cat print is my favourite. Mainly because I can match it when I’m wearing my Mummy Duns top!

I absolutely love the wet bag. It’s a great size and the zip is strong. No leaks or smells emitted from it and we put some pretty scary nappies in there! Fab for swimming too and easily fit a giant bath sheet in. The bag washes brilliantly and dries quickly. The handle is also very robust. Definitely a new favourite here!

The giant prefold booster is a great addition to my night time nappy stash bundle. I’m not even sure I could pee enough to soak through it! Folding it is really simple and it fits in the Smart Bottom wrap nicely. The insert is nice and wide, so they’re really comfy for a 12 hour snooze.

The hemp soaker insert is great too. It is shaped like an hour glass, which in all honesty is actually kind of perfect for a nappy insert. The insert provides wider coverage at the front and back, which is just what you need!

The overnight booster is a fab addition to any nappy stash. It’s narrow and streamlined so can increase absorbency without adding bulk.

Final thoughts…

I love the prints but not enough to compromise the lack of a double gusset so sadly the nappies are not for us. Far too many leaks and Loki asked to be changed after an hour in them which is a first. Although it could be handy for toilet training!

The wraps do have a double gusset but the fit it a bit fiddly. They are a good size though, comparable with a Tots Bots Peenut (size 2) and a Milovia cover. The toddler proof popper fastenings is a definite bonus too.

The inserts are great, especially the hemp hourglass ones and the wet bag is genuinely impressive.

I can see why these nappies are popular. They wash well and dry quickly if you take everything apart. The fit is nice and slim so finding clothes cut for cloth won’t be a problem.

Since I’ve been posting pictures on my Instagram account I’ve been getting regular messages asking where I got them from. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of Smart Bottoms in the UK soon!

You can find everything you need to know about Smart Bottoms here.


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