Life Lesson: Xenophobia in Football

Right, this post is slightly controversial but it’s important because I’m sick of explaining to my boys why people are continually xenophobic and immature to the point they’re almost in tears because they simply don’t understand.

We live in Scotland and are proud to be Scottish British. The key word here is British. Last time I checked that meant we’re proud to part of a United Kingdom consisting of 4 countries; England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Now I doubt very much we’ll see Scotland qualifying for the World Cup any time soon and I am more than happy to support any home nation in the tournament so we’re backing England all the way this year!

We’ll also be wearing football tops even when they’re 2 sizes too small!

I wish there wasn’t so much negativity around it though in Scotland. It’s been an uncomfortable few weeks here when the kids get excited about England in public and are met with abuse and taunts from their friends and strangers.

The press and social media is largely to blame for continuing this frankly xenophobic behaviour. The English press are extremely guilty of not supporting the other home nations. For instance the last Euro tournament England went home and Wales were still in. English press wrote out their teams obituary and totally overlooked Wales still had a chance, whilst the Scottish press didn’t really report on it at all, which is still just as bad. I personally find the whole thing incredibly pathetic.

Another shocking example is when the Scottish do well; Andy Murray is the best I can think of here. The English press celebrated a British player winning Wimbledon whereas the year before they mocked the Scottish athlete losing. It’s ridiculous.

Whenever England play football or rugby there is a house in the village that always hangs out the opposing team’s flag out of their window. Points for effort right there, but I can’t help but think why so negative? Why can’t they just support their own team and not go out of their way to wish failure on others?

It’s been a great way for the boys to learn flags though so I’m thankful for that. I’m really looking forward to walking by the house and showing the boys the Croatia one next week!

My life lesson to the boys boiled down to the simple fact that some people are morons. Some people can’t be happy for others and go out of their way to be nasty, negative, downright offensive because they’re jealous their team isn’t doing so well. Wasting time and effort on being negative I feel is moronic. Also grown adults having a go at children because of a football team they support is totally immature.

It makes me sad. It makes me sad our friends have made fun of the boys for supporting England. It makes me sad people have had a go at me personally for supporting England when I should know better because we live in Scotland.

They’re right, I do know better. I will raise my children to be positive and open minded and tolerant of others. I will raise them to support others, respect everyone’s opinions even if they’re different and embrace life.

Team Worrall are supporting England in this World Cup and will continue to enjoy it regardless of xenophobia. If England go out we’ll still enjoy watching the best teams in the world put on a show in the final.

In the meantime here’s my favourite pic stolen from Facebook. Credit: Unknown


  1. Well done Jo good blog
    I hope you don’t get too much abuse from posting it !
    Your dad stopped me sending footie shirts up for the boys for fear of backlash 🙄

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  2. Yes to all of this! We’ve been supporting England all the way – we even managed to get the match on the radio on our long drive yesterday.

    When I was growing up it was accepted that our house supported whichever team wasn’t England. I REALLY didn’t understand this – possibly because I have an English mum. I knew that my kids would be brought up differently, and they are!

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    1. Yes – agreed! I don’t get the negativity at all. If you don’t want to support it then fine don’t. Don’t go out of your way to be negative 🤷‍♀️ so weird! I just don’t get it! 😂


  3. Well said Jo!! You should be free to support whoever you like for whatever reason without fear of being criticised or worse for your decision!! I’m shocked to hear how these people have treated you and your boys. Come on England!! xx

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