DIY Bath Bombs

So after watching War on Plastic and spending £40 in Lush for the second time this year on bath bombs for the kids I decided to have a bash at making my own.

£40 later and an Amazon order done, I reckon I’ve got enough supplies to make bath bombs, toilet bombs and a whole heap of other stuff for the next year or so!

After rummaging about on Pinterest and reading a few blogs it looks like the basic recipe for a bath bomb is pretty straightforward. Here is what you need;

  • Bicarbonate of soda (1 cup)
  • Citric acid (1/2 cup)
  • Epsom salts (1/2 cup)
  • Coconut oil (a heaped spoonful)
  • Witch Hazel (a glug)
  • Cornflour (1/2 cup heaped)
  • Essential oils – we used Lemon (20/30 drops)
  • Dried flowers – we used Lavender (optional)
  • Moulds (optional)

This makes 8 small to medium bath bombs!

First things first

Label everything!

All of these ingredients came in plastic bags (which ripped fatally on opening) and squashed cardboard boxes. After playing with my new label maker and some jars I ended up with this rather pleasing display of supplies.

Also I should add, I am slightly obsessed with my label maker. Every home should have one, it really is making my life so much easier! You can find it >here<

Just to reassure anyone wondering we keep all this securely locked in a kitchen cupboard with the rest of our cleaning supplies. I don’t really want my kids or my husband mistaking anything here for salt or sugar and we’ll not mention the puppies and their penchant for cardboard washing powder boxes!

How do you make them? 

    Mix all the ingredients together.
    Squash into moulds or ball shapes with your hands.
    Let them dry out for an hour or so and gently release.
    Store in an air tight container so they’ll last.
    Job done.

It really was that simple!

I let my boys make them from start to finish and they managed just fine. Even the mess they left helped deep clean my kitchen table. So making these is definitely a win!

We’ve had a good run of baths with these now and have used up our first batch so the boys are planning their next session at the weekend. We’ve got some orange essential oil to try and Oren wants to use rose petals this time. He really loves anything sensory so this is totally up his street!

The verdict

Even my husband was impressed with the fizz of these little bombs, they bobbed about in the bath while it ran and the smell of the essential oils and dried lavender was lovely. It was somewhat ruined when 3 smelly boys jumped in but we got them all clean and their skin was really nice and soft. The only difference with ours and a Lush one was the water wasn’t an obscenely bright colour!

We’ve just ordered some Soap Dye to make them more visually pleasing. According to all 3 of the boys a clear bath was quite disappointing!


To be fair there was far too much genitalia on show so I’m prepared to spend a few more pennies if it’ll save me another trip to Lush, I’ll report back when we’ve tried these out.

What’s next?!

I confess I bought large quantities of everything because I’m slightly over enthusiastic and trying to commit to overhauling our cleaning products in the house. Keep an eye out for future blog posts on all the things you can use these cheap and simple ingredients for, I’ve been amazed so far!

If you’ve got any top tips on how to reduce your plastic cleaning supplies and be more eco friendly around the home please let me know!


*Blog includes affiliate links to Amazon 💚




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