Baba & Boo Reuseable Nappies

Right this was originally intended for the benefit of my Mum who is coming up to watch my boys while I sneak off to Vienna next week – but it’s arguably quite useful if any of you are interested in a pocket nappy, so just spreading some fluffy bum love today!

Baba & Boo nappies come in some of the most adorable prints I’ve ever seen and I recently caved and bought 2 festive ones because I simply couldn’t resist any longer. I’m now pining for the snowman one though…

Baba & Boo nappies are amazing, I wish I’d found them sooner. They are such a generous fit and the popper fastening sets them apart from our Velcro stash nicely. Super soft fleece lining keeps bums nice and dry and the pocket is huge, easy to access and I triple boost it for maximum efficiency and containment.

I’m a huge fan of reuseable nappies that have a double gusset around the legs – these don’t – but the double gusset is essentially stitched into the pocket itself – very clever indeed! The handy fleece has never once leaked on me and it’s lovely and soft against Loki’s skin.

Each Baba & Boo nappy comes with 2 bamboo boosters which fit perfectly inside the pocket opening. I often use a third booster; I bought the super absorbent charcoal ones just because Loki is almost 2 now and when he pees he really commits! No leaks whatsoever with these, I’ve been really impressed.

The pocket opening is generous and I grab my 3 boosters and push my whole hand in right to end, let go, pull hand out; job done!

The multiple popper fastening options ensure a perfect fit every time. You can adjust the rise on the nappy at the front too really easily. Perfect from small babies right through to toilet training.

I always pop up the fastenings on the side first and then do the top row which has two poppers for extra security! I always make sure my fingers fit comfortably underneath the top of the nappy and then redress and he’s sorted until the next change!

When Loki is going through a delightful teething spell I add a biodegradable liner to the nappy too just to make clean up that wee bit easier. In general though Baba and Boo nappies don’t need a liner as they’re already rather efficiently fleece lined! This keeps Loki’s bottom nice and dry whilst it’s on.

I hope my Mum finds this helpful, I have no concerns. My Mum has always supported my use of cloth nappies … not so much the addiction it comes with though… there is a snowman nappy in my basket at Babipur

Baba & Boo was founded by the lovely Eve and are based in Manchester, which is where my Mum lives, so kind of loving that connection as well! They are all ethically made and these particular nappies are sized 10lbs – 35lbs which makes them perfect for babies right through to giant toddlers.

The code BUDDY will get you 10% off all reusable nappies at Babipur and Baba & Boo have a cheeky offer on them right now too – their prints even come in wet bags!

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