Playtime: Bajo Cars 

7 years and 3 boys later we have accumulated a lot of small toy cars. I swear they breed under the sofa – they’re everywhere. I have my favourites; there’s a green one that glows in the dark and a purple glittery one that I’m fond of but my absolute favourite is the Bajo Pink Mini Car. It’s bright, it’s tactile and it rolls really well! 

A car that rolls well is something I subconsciously look for now when testing for a potential purchase. A cheeky roll back and forth tells me all I need to know. The Bajo cars all roll beautifully. The way they are made is so simple. The exposed natural wood grain wheels are a soft contrast against the bright shiny pop of colour of the car itself. I love them and so do Oren and Loki! (Edward is 7 and half now and is apparently over the whole toy car thing, he says…playing Mario Kart) 

If you’ve seen my earlier blog post about the Gruffalo, you’ll know I’m a big fan of Bajo Wooden Toys. A Polish company that produces and handmakes the most gorgeous wooden toys. The vehicle range is particularly stunning – I love the distinctive holes each one has, just the right size for a toddler to poke their fingers through, grab and run off with! 

Last Christmas I got the Bajo plane for Loki, it is bright blue and chunky for his, then, almost 1 year old hands. He was really drawn to it whenever it was out he’d go to it straight away and roll it around and wave it in the air… threw it a few times too! It became an immediate favourite. We now have the Helicopter too! 

Loki got the Yellow Breakdown Lorry for his birthday in January, along with a mini car. Then for Easter he was given some pennies and I added the Truck with Blocks and another mini car to our collection. The bright colours are perfect for teaching/learning colour recognition and the size of them is ideal for small exploring fingers! 

Loki often carries a random mini car around the house, he sorts them all into baskets and lines them all up on the window seat. It’s adorable to watch him play so gently with them one minute and then race around crashing them into one another the next. 

There is so much you can do with a simple car, so much you can learn and they’re a great addition to any household. Boys and girls alike. I am all for promoting learning through play. It is so much fun watching Loki fiddle with a car, working out how fast it can go, which tunnel it can fit under, how hard he needs to push it to make it roll off the table…

We have a lot of open ended toys and it’s been fun getting creative making garages, landing platforms for helicopters and runways for planes. 

The Bajo cars are really good value for money too. The mini cars in particular make great stocking fillers. The bigger vehicles are all perfect for gifts. They are really well made and the bright colours are stunning in real life. They hang well on a mug tree too! 

Oren still shamelessly enjoys playing with cars, I hope he doesn’t grow out of this any time soon. Loki and Oren have been playing really well recently, especially with the Bajo Cars. Last weekend Oren set up the Grimms Tunnel and was firing cars across the table to Loki, who, in turn was firing them back. It was hilarious… 

…well until Loki decided everything should be on the floor and he should be on the table! 

Babipur stock a wide range of the Bajo vehicles (and other delights) I’ve got my eye on the Transporter for Loki this Christmas and Oren is quite taken with the Train! 

I wonder what Santa will bring them?! 


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