2022; You Do You

I quite like this time of year if I’m honest. In Scotland you can enjoy Hogmanay (if that’s your thing) and most people get a bonus day off on the 2nd to savour the start of the year. It’s pretty nice actually, having a whole extra day for reflection and to chill out before the routine begins again. *sarcastic Yay!

It’s also my smallest’s birthday on the 2nd so we get cake and a genuine reason to celebrate the start of a new year! Definitely two fingers up to all those bloody diet ads that are EVERYWHERE at the moment! *sigh

No, your cake is obscene!

No family party again this year due to covid so it’s been a quiet fews days and we’ve all been chatting about the year ahead. Most of the boy’s goals for the year are food related *no suprise there! They’ve a long list of recipes and specific foods they want to try. The older two want to start cooking meals themselves more, which I’m personally quite excited about!

One of the most popular resolutions I’ve seen online so far is the need for a ‘social media break‘ – which ironically folk feel the need to announce on social media. I won’t lie, it makes me giggle and I know I’m in the minority there but still… *giggles

I understand that far too many folk’s mental health is pretty dire at the moment. The news brings nothing but despair and frustration. People posting their happy memories can be triggering for alot and constant adverts spamming our minds with stuff we just don’t need can be overwhelming for many. *I get it.

Now I don’t know about you but my idea of a break is to escape into my phone. I’ll happily lose 20 minutes getting inspired on Pinterest or following a random Instagram tag for some activity for the boys. I’m always up for a chat with a friend and I’ve no intention of changing that when I’ve got free bits of time to spare. I suppose this need for a break comes down to how you use social media in the first place maybe? *genuine question

I’ve been sat here trying to find a way to relate but personally I can’t. My job is in social media so it’s kind of hard to have a break from that, I can’t just not turn up or switch off when I work 7 days a week! Also helps that I quite like my job, I should add! I only get Christmas day off, so I have to accept that that kind of ‘taking a break’ privilege isn’t an option for me! *It is what it is really…

Muff fluff anyone?!

So slightly tangented and consequential waffle short, no social media break is on the cards for me!

In the time of Resolutions though I am going to do more of what makes me happy this year. I’m often criticised or feel the need to justify my actions when I take some time to be creative. It’s pointless, it’s a waste of time. There is always something more useful or productive I could be doing. Cleaning the house for example… or going to bed before 2am. Sure there are probably better ways to spend that time but I need that time occasionally. For me. *completely selfishly and that’s OK!

This year I’m going to take that time, hold onto it with both hands (even at 2am (*cough – especially at 2am!) and I’m going to try my best not to feel guilty about it.

I’m also, *you guessed it, going to start my rambling blogs again! I lost my way a bit on here the past few years due to the general fear I’ll put my foot in it but balance is importance and I will find a new path.

Rainbows. Always.

You can’t please everyone and frankly I’ve no intention of trying! I’m 37 and I’m done trying.

Is a social media break in your future? Are you taking weekends off or just as and when you feel the need to?

If social media holidays aren’t for you, what are you going to do for you this year? *just for you?

Thanks for reading 💚

Going to do a lot more getting
lost in the woods too…


  1. Just revisited your recipe for bath bombs, (which I’d bookmarked for repeated use!), and thought I’d see if you’d posted anything recently…and you have! Lovely pic of you and your lovely family, and a lovely update too.
    Glad you’re all well and happy, and that birthday cake looks lush…I hope your smallest enjoyed it! x

    Liked by 1 person

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