Koa Koa Constellations Poster – Product Review

Thought I’d dust off the blog for a review of this fabulous little poster kit from Babipur my youngest received it as a gift for his birthday from my Auntie.

Koa Koa is a French brand with a speciality for STEM kits, which are totally up my street for the boys. I do enjoy it when we can make learning fun! This particular kit is aimed at 6+ but I suspected my youngest who turned 5 in January wouldn’t struggle with it.

It arrived in plastic free packaging; a cardboard sleeve protecting a folded A2 poster. There was a white pen and a sheet of glow in the dark sticker dots.

My youngest wasted no time at all in cracking on with it. He was able to do it completely independently and loved drawing on the poster itself to join the stars up after carefully placing all the wee stickers.

3 sittings later it was complete. I would estimate it took between 20-40 minutes (if you deducted all the faffing!). I’ve used blu-tac to affix it to the wall in our playroom and it fits right in with our Moon Cycle and Solar System posters!

My youngest was really chuffed to see it on the wall and I loved that he was able to do without assistance from start to finish!

The poster itself depicts the Zodiac Constellations. This made for fantastic talking prompts whilst he was applying the stickers. It’s been on the wall a few months now and my littlest can still quickly recognise his star sign and those that belong to his brothers. We’ve even had a go at trying to spot them in the night sky!

I would highly recommend this poster kit, I think it would make a great gift and it’s fab for those with Space obsessions and a penchant for stickers!

You can find it >here< and the non affiliate code TMWORRALL will get you 10% off!

Thanks for reading!

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