Plastic Free July 2020 – Failed already!

Well Hello July!

Heads up there’s going to be some eco spam this month for #plasticfreejuly but today’s blog post is a reminder to me, to you, to anyone really that even with the best of intentions, we will most likely not be plastic free by the end of the month.

And that is absolutely ok!

I have joined in and supported #pfj for a few years now and at the end of every month I look back and it is so hard to not focus on the failures over the wins. August comes and I have to remind myself that at least we tried, are trying and are still fighting for change.

This month I’m doing it backwards. I’m embracing the fact I’ve already “failed” and just going to crack on regardless!

Today’s outburst is about plastic packaging. It serves a purpose, I get that, but it is everywhere and it isn’t acceptable. There are other ways, we just need to look for them.

Take these Grimms letters for example; ethically made from sustainably sourced wood. Non toxic eco friendly stains blah blah blah…

They ALL came individually wrapped in a wee plastic bag. Most of which ripped upon opening so could not be reused and I bought 40 of them.

It’s not OK. Things need to change. We need to challenge companies that use single use plastic packaging. We need to shout loud enough to be heard.

Last year lots of folk raised this question with Grimms and do you know what happened?

They listened. (And if they listened, others will too!)

They made changes straight away.

They are continuing to make changes!

They are reducing their plastic packaging wherever possible and my last few orders from their new range have had no plastic at all, which is absolutely fantastic!

I made a good choice in buying these. I bought them from Babipur who pride themselves on only stocking ethical brands. I could have bought cheaper plastic letters but I chose Grimms for a reason. Yes I’ve put 40 little plastic bags in landfil and that shouldn’t be dismissed but Grimms customers asked for change and they are getting it.

This is a win.

I will not look at this as a fail.

Will you join me and celebrate the wins over the fails?

Much love

Jo 💚


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