Product Review: Flux Period Pants, another eco misadventure…

I’ll warn you straight from the off; this isn’t great and I don’t recommend them. I’m very disappointed.

Period Pants

I loved the idea of these so much. A pair of undies you can wear ALL DAY! No need for pads or a cup. I was so excited that Babipur were stocking them I bought them straight away. I was even looking forward to my period starting so I could try them but that’s where my excitement ends.

I chose the Flux Hi-Waist Full Absorbency pants. I usually wear boy shorts but from the picture of that version they looked a little smaller than I prefer so opted for the traditional “massive granny pant” style instead!

*picture stolen from Flux to spare you the sight of me in these pants!

The cost of a hassle free period

£28.94 – well eeks to that right away!

It’s a lot to pay for a single pair of pants. I actually did a bit of maths before adding them to my basket. I even debated not buying them as arguably this isn’t a product I need, it’s a product I want so it was extra tricky to justify. I could buy 3/4 pads for that price for example, which would effectively do the same job and last longer BUT this would save me using 3/4 pads a day so I decided it evened out really.

This year my periods have got quite heavy. It’s getting slightly embarrassing and I’ve started taking extra precautions when I have to on my heaviest flow day (day 2). It’s not hindering my lifestyle exactly just the main difference is you’ll find me indoors sitting on a playmat instead of riding a bike in white hot pants like all the TV ads make out!

I was hoping these period pants would give me a bit more security and be perfect if I’m out all day with the kids (which happens far too often on day 2 of my flow!) Also, too many of my friends have white sofas (honestly though why?!) and I’m running out of excuses to avoid sitting down and/or sick of leaking!

Sigh… the joys of menstruation!

First thoughts

They arrived quickly and the packaging was minimal and fully recyclable, which I was delighted by.

When they arrived I was shocked how slim they were. The gusset is essentially a pad but it’s much more discreet than I was expecting, which was fab.

The material was soft but the mesh side panels were very thin and feel a bit like netting from a fruit bag! I wasn’t mad keen on that. I much prefer natural fibres against my skin, especially on my intimate areas!

I washed them (following manufactures instructions, I put them in with towels) so they were ready for their bloody debut and the mesh had already sustained some injuries. I sadly noticed lots of little catches on the threads. I’m not sure that I can see these lasting 2/3 years with care.

The big day finally came…

Day 2 of my period. It’s not pretty. It’s basically a small haemorrhage. I appear to be going through an all or nothing phase with my flow so these pants were going to get thrown in at the deep end.

The fit was generous, which was quite uplifting on the most bloated day of my period I won’t lie! The mesh panels are not me at all. I looked genuinely ridiculous.

I am quite happy with my underwear (when I’m on) to make it abundantly clear to everyone to back off and don’t even think about touching me. This is what old maternity pants are made for frankly! I don’t really care for pretty pants when I’m bleeding. I want functional ones that I don’t have to worry about putting my finger through. I want pants that will survive a spin in the machine!


I suppose it’s nice that there is a choice for folk. If you want to feel pretty or enjoy lace and mesh then embrace it and get some lacy strapped number on and own it!


It was only once I put them on I realised the actual coverage was actually equivalent to a regular pad. I was gutted. No good for back bleeders like me. Won’t be packing away the playmats any time soon!

The way the gusset/pad section sits feels like your leggings are constantly falling down which took some getting used to as well. Spent most of the morning trying to hitch them up but realising the pad bit wouldn’t go any further up!! I feel like it could have covered a bit more and been finished a little smoother.

Personally I see my period as survival – it’s something I need to get through and over with, quickly, in maximum comfort and it would be a total bonus if I didn’t leak all over the bed and the sofa! Just give me giant pants and a reassuringly thick pad and let’s do this!

Testing testing

Went for a dog stomp and ran a few errands. 2.5 hours later I needed the loo. I knew I’d already left quite an impression shall we say so I was curious to see how pulling a wet pair of pants back up would work. Slightly anxious actually over curious. Mentally, the thought of putting a damp pad back against my skin was slightly repulsive…

Couldn’t feel a thing.

Couldn’t smell a thing.

Pretty impressed with that!

Some time later

About 8/9 hours in I’d leaked (thank the gods for playmats!) at both the back and the front!

Now I know these were on my heaviest day but my Bloom & Nora’s would not have let me down. I also never leak at the front which I found to be genuinely impressive!

These are not for me.

I need them to last 10 hours and they’re supposed to last 12. I can’t be faffing about changing my underwear while I’m out. That’s much more hassle than taking CSP about, I’d need extra space to take my shoes and clothes off – I’ve not got time for that!!


I’d also noticed lots more holes in the mesh panels. Lots more little catches, just from three toilet trips. The fabric had come away at the narrow waist band, due to poor stitching which was very disappointing. Lots of poor stitching actually, all the seams have got some damage from one days wear and two trips in the washing machine, no way these will last 2/3 years. I’d be surprised if they lasted 2/3 cycles!

It’s worth a mention that these take a couple of days to air dry, which means if you want to wear them more than once per cycle you’ll need a couple of pairs. The perk of muff fluff in contrast is my favourite pads will air dry over night and be ready to use the next day, something I have clearly gotten far to used to!

Well then… in conclusion

£28.94 and they didn’t even last a day. Absolutely gutted!

  • They were supposed to last 12 hours – Nope
  • They were supposed to last 2/3 years – Nope
  • They were supposed to be leak free – Nope

I should have just bought 9 bars of Tony’s Chocolonely and stuck with my beloved muff fluff!

Maybe next month I’ll have a look a WUKA another brand of period pants (a UK brand too) but their range doesn’t last all day. Only up to 8 hours so I’m not sure they’re going to be worth trying to be honest. The search continues…

If you’ve any brand recommendations or experiences you’d love to share please comment below!

Babipur’s awesome customer service

I can’t write a scathing review like this and not commend Babipur’s amazing customer service. I’m not just adding this because I work for them I assure you I am still very much a customer too!

The lovely Llinos in CS was fantastic, I sent her some pictures, explained my concerns and I’ve been issued a refund.

*Maybe I’ll just sneak some Tony’s in my next order instead


Jo 💚

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