Product Review: Dr Zigs Bubbles

I’ve not done a product review for a while but I’ve been so impressed with these bubbles I thought they deserved a blog post!

A cheeky perk of working for Babipur meant I got the Travel Kit ahead of the Dr Zigs launch to test and provide pictures. We tested it, we used all the bubble mix and I filled my phone with slow motion videos of it in action!

I’ve since bought more kits as gifts and I got the My First Giant kit so we could have another slightly bigger wand (and crucially more bubble mix!) These bubbles have honestly been so much fun!

Dr Zigs Travel Kit

For the bargain price of £14.99 on the Babipur website (an extra 10% off if you use the discount code BUDDY!) you get a little box of loveliness! I won’t lie I was a tad shocked when I saw the size of the box when it arrived but trust me you won’t be disappointed!

Good things come in small packages!

Small wand on the bottom is from the Travel Kit and the medium wand at the top is from the My First Giant Bubble Kit

In the Travel kit you get a small wand and a bottle of concentrated bubble mix you dilute with warm water to make a litre of ready to go magic bubble mix!

Warm water is key and don’t shake to mix – you don’t want froth you want lovely thick skinned rainbow bubbles!

Dip and drip

So simple even my 3 year old could follow this instruction! We used a jug (baking dish works well too) and had so much fun in the garden, before taking them off to the local park.

You literally submerge the strings of the wand in the mix until nicely coated. Gently lift out, let the excess drip off and you’re good to go!

The mixture of Welsh Water and Dragon juice creates the most magical and the most massive bubbles I’ve ever seen! They pop in such a satisfying way – seriously do a slow mo video on your phone you won’t regret it!

Bubbles out and about

We took the kit to the local park and set up a bubble station on the bank of the burn and we got the “longest” bubbles ever. Edward and Oren both managed a full circle of bubbles before it popped, we drew quite an audience by the time we’d finished!

My smallest took a bit longer to get the hang of being gentle with the bubble wand and kept popping his mix before he got a chance to make a bubble. My eldest taught him to blow to get lots of little bubbles instead which he nailed straight away!

It does help if the wind is behind them when they do it by themselves though but ssssshh don’t tell the wee one, he thinks it was all him!

Team Bubbles!

I have 3 boys and there’s not often an activity that works for them all AT THE SAME TIME that is why I love these bubbles so much! We’ve got 2 wands so that means 2 can make bubbles whilst the third one runs about frantically trying to pop them all. It’s quite the sight!

These would be fabulous at a birthday party or anything outside to be fair. They’d be lovely as memorials too or to use in place of a balloon release. These bubbles cause no damage to the environment whatsoever, which is definitely a win in my book!

Bubble mix

We’ve used both the concentrated and ready to go mix and can’t really find a difference. They’re the same price so go with whatever works for you is my recommendation!

I gifted a Travel Kit to my Dad for his birthday, I was glad I bought some extra bubble mix as he got through half of it playing contentedly in the garden! He even banned the boys from joining in as they kept popping the bubbles before he was finished!

Best birthday gift ever methinks!

Top Bubble Tips

  • Be gentle! You get bigger bubbles the more gentle you are. The boys compared sweeping the wand about to dancing or ballet and had fun practicing their pirouettes to make ginormous bubbles!
  • Space! You need loads of space to let littles and not so littles run and sweep about with the wands. Take down your washing lines in the garden as they’ll ruin all the fun! (*cough you could consider sneaking into a nearby field – just saying!)
  • Ooh and we noticed that the bubbles definitely work better after it has rained and the air is a bit damp!
  • After the kids are in bed make sure you get a go too!

Where can you buy them?!


You can find them on the Babipur website >here< there are loads of different kits and a few different types of wands too!

We’ve got our eye on the sensory kits and the dragon wand! Bring on payday!




  1. Brilliant review. We have a kit aswell… run out of mix atm though. How on earth did your photos capture all the colours? None if mine have turned out like that. Wondering if we did something wrong with the mix.
    Which mix would you recommend to buy as a restock!
    Thanks Jen @mamasden

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They’re amazing! Glad you got some, we’ve noticed the wetter the weather the more colourful the bubbles!

      We’ve used both the concentrated and ready mix and haven’t really noticed a difference between them.

      Get out after the rain and see if you can get some better shots then maybe? I can’t wait to see! xx


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