Team Puppy

If any of you follow my socials then you’ll have seen we recently added 2 more English Springer Spaniels to our house.

Two puppies!

1 Spaniel and 3 kids clearly wasn’t enough crazy for us and we felt the need to experiment further with the definition of chaos and throw in 2 rascal puppies.

There’s been a lot more poo than I imagined I won’t lie!

There’s been a lot more pee as well. Triple the amount of pee as Loki decided to properly give toilet training a bash the week we got them.

There’s been a lot more snuggles though. Lots and lots more snuggles. They’re cosier than newborns, it’s been rather adorable.

Litter mates

We got litter mates (that’s the actual term the Vet used not siblings – so now we can’t use siblings either as it’s clearly ridiculous) a boy and a girl (*cough a dog and a bitch).

The boy has got to be one of the most handsome spaniels I’ve ever seen. When he looks at you it causes actual swooning. He has this effect on everyone, it’s very impressive. We called him Snow.

The girl has a mad eyebrow, which I’m slightly obsessed with, a squint white stripe which sits off centre on her face, which I love and is bat shit crazy. We appear to have appropriately named her Storm.

So we now have Skye, Snow and Storm and they have their own IG account (because I’m that kind of human) you can find it >here<

Alliteration is fun

Please try and ignore the Game of Thrones nod in the puppies names – we’re desperately trying to…along with the whole of Season 8!

We got them at the start of the Easter holidays and it’s been so much fun! The kids are quite taken with them as well which has been a bonus and the older two are getting quite good at helping runs down to the garden and back as and when needed.

The smallest has been arguably not so useful! He spends most of his time using the puppies as a stalling tactic to avoid going to bed by cuddling one enthusiastically and getting in the crate for a flat out sit in style protest. It’s become a daily thing.

We’ve just got a bigger crate so I fear this is only going to get worse… or we’ll embrace it and try and normalise caging children, who knows!

It all came screaming back to us

It’s been 5 years since we had a puppy in the house and wow there has been a lot we’ve forgotten. For example when they’re in full on destruction mode and you foolishly/selfishly go for a pee it’s rather alarming how much of your stairway carpet they can eat in less than a minute.

The shenanigans so far

Unlike our big spaniel Skye, these two have a penchant for wires. So far, in the 12 weeks we’ve had them, they’ve eaten;

  • 2 TV aerials
  • the Sky cable
  • severed the broadband twice
  • chewed 2 sets of plug in fairy lights
  • got through 4 different phone chargers
  • They got into the playroom and tasted a variety of wooden toys before I insisted we fix to the door to stop them going back in!
  • No one has matching socks anymore
  • Pants aren’t safe either
  • Do shoelaces count? They’ve eaten so many of those I’ve lost count
  • Oh and they can open both the bins!


All of the above has happened whilst I’ve nipped to the toilet or had the audacity to make myself a drink.


We’ll also not mention the £200 Vet bill we incurred for Snow who nearly died after he ate his way through half a bag of Skye’s dry food. I lost an entire day waiting at the emergency vets and had to watch him vomit it all up for 45 minutes whilst holding his ears back and rubbing his back like a drunk girlfriend after a night out.


The cuddles I got afterwards were almost worth it. However, they were spectacularly ruined by the fact he spent the entire evening farting so much we had to open all the windows in the house. Even the boys moaned about that one…

Also it’s pretty definite that the likelihood of me ever peeing alone has just gone out the window. I might just order another phone charger as a back up though. Just in case.

But yeah… shenanigans aside it’s mostly been lots of fun!


… Yes! For those of you wondering, Yes! these are totally child substitutes. Loki started nursery in January and my house suddenly became half empty during the week. If I can’t fill it with any more babies then puppies are the next best thing. Although it might surprise you to know that this was all mostly my husbands idea!

The real thing to wonder about now though is; what will we get when Loki starts school full time?

The Team Worrall family adventure continues…


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