I don’t like water or sugar withdrawal

I’m back on the blog and with a totally left field blog post just for good measure.

Poorly sick…

I saw in the New Year with a terrible flu which over January and February led to multiple infections (I think 8 at once was my record) 5 courses of antibiotics and then multiple boxes of higher strength anti inflammatories along side a shed load of other pills I can’t even remember swallowing because I was hallucinating. Narrowly avoided hospital stays on 3 occasions and ended up having to phone my Mum to come and help with the boys.

Not quite what I had planned for the start of 2019! Loki started nursery and I am child free for a very peculiar 2.5 hours every week day. My plan was to be more organised, finally get a chance to exercise, meal plan, sort my house out … blah blah blah…

Nope. None of that. I gained 3 stone and felt worse than I ever have in my life. My last lot of blood tests showed I had slightly elevated levels of sugar in my blood. So I got proactive and made drastic changes to my diet.

SugarI know nothing

Sugar is in bloody everything. I had no idea. I feel slightly ashamed at how little I know about how sugar works in our bodies. It’s not actual sugar either, it’s carbohydrates we need to be worrying about. I read and read and googled and googled and I’m still learning new stuff every day. Turns out I know nothing.

I am all for cleaner eating and getting rid of refined sugar from my diet and limiting the boy’s diets more too.

Food Swaps

I’ve swapped to brown pasta (an acquired taste) and brown rice (a delicious alternative to white) limiting carbs, limiting certain fruits (so long pineapple), no chocolate/cakes/crisps (obviously), no more fizzy juice (Diet Coke I will miss you) no more diluting juice (even sugar free stuff is full of nonsense) no more any kind of flavoured liquid really.

Basically the bare basics of food. Plain everything. Lots of protein. Plenty of veg, especially green. No puddings. Only water.

Water (rolls eyes)

I’m struggling trying to be adult about things and drink plain water; it gives me the boke. My Mum called me pathetic last time she visited when I refused to drink a glass, but I genuinely can’t mind a time I drank plain water. Not that I’m blaming her but no more being pathetic.

I’m forcing it down for the good of my health. I rather dramatically actually threw up a few times those first few days, which wasn’t fun at all. Drinking it ice cold I found much better, it’s been a over a month now and it’s getting easier. It may be hydrating and all that jazz but to me; it actually tastes awful.

I long to literally drink anything else.

I sincerely hope that desire passes soon as it’s genuinely depressing. I hope I can turn into one of those people who likes the taste of it or I’ll be hitting the GP for antidepressants! *not joking.

Sugar Withdrawal is lots of fun

Headaches have been brutal. Proper brutal. They lasted weeks initially, a constant ache in my entire head down to my neck. I couldn’t see straight the first couple of days, it felt like my head was being split open. I suffer with migraines in times of stress (or post stress) and these sugar withdrawal headaches were worse.

What’s extra irritating is if I accidentally have a bit of refined sugar I get the headaches back, slightly soul destroying how one slip up hits you like a punch in the face. It’s alarming to think this is the physical effect sugar has on our bodies. My extensive googling compared sugar addiction to cocaine addiction. Our brains are hardwired to feel happy when we eat sugar (or apparently consume cocaine) and that’s a habit that’s tricky to break.

I can concur without sugar I am not happy or satisfied with anything I eat anymore, which is harder than I could have possibly imagined. But I’m trying and I’m hoping over the next few months it gets easier.

How did I not know this stuff?

I’m slightly overwhelmed and shocked with how hard it’s been. I’ve struggled with my diet for the past year and have a few suspected food intolerances. The GP is reluctant to assist with the diagnosis of them mostly due to waiting lists and the apparent desire to give me laxatives, which is frustrating and I can’t afford to go private. I’ve been doing food elimination and have narrowed a few things down but I’ve not got it completely sussed yet.

I haven’t noticed a massive difference in my well being by not consuming sugar but I don’t feel any worse so I’m calling that a win! I think that’s mostly psychological and I need to get on board and accept this is the way it is. I can’t eat shit and get away with it. It’s time for some accountability.

Spousal support is going well!

My husband joined in with me for a week and is happy to adjust to some of the changes. Not sure he’s going to sacrifice his office biscuit stash anytime soon though! He has an exceptional metabolism, is much fitter and healthier than I’ll probably ever be and even he noticed the physical effects of sugar withdrawal. Our general diets pre all of this weren’t even that bad! It’s terrifying and saddening at the same time.

In summary

If you’ve made it this far; I’m still here, still busy (2 new puppies busy) but I’m mostly trying not to think about food and drink, throwing myself into stuff as a distraction and tragically or pathetically (thanks Mum) still having to psyche myself up to drink a glass of water.

So yeah, er…Happy New Year, tell me it gets easier please?!



*Seriously, if any of you have reduced or cut out refined sugar I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Pathetic or not you’re finally getting there, you have to do things you don’t like sometimes cruel to be kind … love you 😘 xx


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