Looking back at 2018

A little reflection is always good I think. So here’s a small round up of the changes we’ve made over 2018.

Eco Swaps

We consciously decided to make some eco swaps as and when they arose at the beginning of 2018 – you can find my blog post on it >here< This is a brief summary of some of the eco swaps;

  • We stopped eating fish due to concerns over micro plastics.
  • We’ve been having vegetarian meals 3/4 times a week in an effort to be more environmentally friendly. *Oren has just announced he wants to be a vegetarian so we’re going to up our game on this one!
  • We’ve swapped the entire family (not just me) to solid shampoo.
  • We’ve all got bamboo toothbrushes now.
  • We’ve stopped using liquid soap.
  • I’ve got a very shiny and very sharp safety razor!
  • We have a mix of plastic free packaged paper towels and reusable kitchen towels.
  • Mark is using a plastic free natural deodorant.
  • Coconut dish brushes and scrubbers.

Mental Attitude

This year we consciously stopped moaning.

  • We’ve stopped repeating the same conversations over and over.
  • Everybody moans and a good moan is liberating if you’ve got a willing person to vomit it all on. Be that person when needed.
  • If we can’t control or change a problem we don’t moan about it.
  • Find a solution to problems instead of moaning. For example emailing in suggestions instead of complaining.
  • Never go to bed angry/annoyed/sad
  • Embrace life in all aspects – especially with the boys!

Family and friends

This one has been hard but we’re not pursuing relationships anymore that aren’t wanted. It hurts us both too much.

We’ve both lost friends this year but we regret nothing. We go with the flow when it comes to family and after last year we push nothing and expect nothing.

Selfishly, the people who we want in our life are in it.

Work Life Balance

Both of us work in the evenings. We try to limit it to 1-2 hours and then make sure we make time for each other after the boys are in bed. Weekly games night is still very much a thing too.

At the weekends we make sure the boys come first. We try and get one on one time with them all and tag team when needed.

Mark finishes his PhD next year hopefully so there’ll be huge changes to come in 2019!

On Reflection…

We pretty much stuck to it and it’s been amazing! So I’m going to stop looking back now; we’re not going that way!

Looking forward to 2019

There’s none of that New Year; New Me bullshit here. We’re pretty happy with where we’re at but we’ve made a few goals as it were;

Phones and Social Media

This is as close to a New Year’s Resolution as we’ll get. It’s something our boys have pointed out to us and it’s not ok.

Mark isn’t on social media at all but lives on the BBC website and his football app.

I use social media for work and I use my phone a lot. We both need to cut that back. It’s got out of hand the past few months!

It is what it is!

Working in social media comparing yourself and your life to others is a hard one to avoid. I used to occasionally scroll past something on my phone and wonder…


I don’t anymore.

My job has been an amazing life lesson in that respect. I see so many carefully chosen moments held within 4 corners and I’m now more aware than ever that it’s not real life. It’s one moment from hundreds in a day and it’s beautiful seeing that one moment. I love my job and I hope to be able to teach the boys more about social media as it’s unavoidable for their generation. The more they know the better.

Stop Overthinking

…is still something I personally need to work on. Linking it to our moaning caveat this needs to stop. I need to ask questions or raise concerns before my thoughts spiral off into madness!

Ooh… eco bricks!

We’ve been making them since October/November and I’ve got a blog post coming soon!

So here’s to 2019

Do you have any resolutions? Goals? Aims? Please let me know – I would love to hear!

I’m also looking forward to more selfish crafting with the boys – the cat is loving it!

Jo xx

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