Week 3: 30 Days Wild

*I’m so behind – sorry!

We’re still loving this challenge! The weather has been hilarious; too hot one day, monsooning the next. Someone hit into my car so we were stuck in the village and forced to get creative for a few days which didn’t help either!

Loki has been a proper tornado toddler this week and I’m struggling outside on my own with him. Frankly, he’s a liability!

Glad to have my car back up and running now and we can finish up this challenge and carry on with some outdoors shenanigans!

Day 18: watch a wild webcam

The boys are getting slightly obsessed with wild animals at the moment and we promised them a trip to an aquarium or a zoo over the holidays. To satisfy their craving for the underwater world we watched web cam footage from the Marianna Trench! Thanks to CBeebies’ Octonauts and the Blue Planet the boys are fast becoming little sponges for information about the midnight zone and the deepest darkest parts of the ocean.

Day 19: write a wild poem

Now this was me frantically trying to make dinner on a crazy Tuesday evening. It’s our busiest day due to lengthy after school activities. I set the older two the task of writing a wild poem; hilarity ensued.

I am a dog, I can sit on a frog,

I am a dog, I can sit on a log,

I am a dog, I like to roll in the bog

I am a dog, I like to eat ALL the frogs

Day 20: sketch a close up

At this point it’s clear my kids cannot be trusted and again thanks to Loki causing carnage I distracted the boys with a close up sketch challenge. They both did their drawings in separate rooms and had to guess what each other had done.

Definitely pictures to keep on the fridge…round the side… where no one can see!

Edward’s is a close up of a wolf’s eye… apparently!

Day 21: turn off to tune in with a little bit of Litha love for the Summer Solstice

We sat and told stories about the solstice, embraced our inner pagans and did a wee blessing spell. Set fire to things (candles mostly) and talked about what we were looking forward to now that Summer has officially begun! Ooh and ate our first punnet of local strawberries!

You can read about our Litha shenanigans here.

Day 22: picnic with the birds

Pheasants are truly stupid creatures with a penchant for suicidal theatrics on country roads. I know this because whether I like it or not they routinely throw themselves at, under and generally in front of my car. I wanted a physical pheasant to have as a tribute to all the ones I have inadvertently killed since moving to rural Scotland!

This beautiful Ostheimer pheasant arrived from Babipur today so we had a picnic with our birds; both wooden and real in the garden.

Day 23: thread a daisy chain

The simple things in life are always the best. Nothing sweeter than watching Loki destroy (in seconds) what took me a fiddly twenty minutes (read, hours) to lovingly assemble!

So when he was asleep I had a mindful moment of my own recapturing my youth and loving the pointlessness of my task and made another! I hung it on our rainbow windchime and sat with a coffee! Bliss!

Day 24: snap a blue photo

We went to Forfar Loch with friends and had a picnic in the shade with our toes in the sunshine. We were invaded by seagulls when one of the kids dropped a chunk of bread. It was chaos! Seagulls everywhere shouting for more! I managed to capture this with my phone…

We found some blue flowers too, after we fed the ducks!

One more week to go! The boy’s finish school this week too so lots more outdoors adventures to be had while they’re off on their Summer holiday break. Can’t wait (send help!)

Are you joining in? I’d love some new accounts to follow so please comment below and say if you are!

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