Team Worrall: School’s Out for Summer

Eeks! I cannot believe we’re here again. My eldest two finished school on Friday. Another year older. Another year done.

The 1st of July has come around so quickly. Our garden has burst into life, in particular the honeysuckle Mark got for Father’s Day has trebled in size! Almost consumed our Grapat Perpetual Calendar!

I had to physically drag Edward off the monkey bars and out of the school gates on Friday, even Loki wasn’t happy leaving!

They’ve both settled in really well at their new school and I’ve no regrets about moving them. I got a mini report of how they’d both settled in and the reports were actually written about my actual children. I’ve had 5 reports in total from their old school and not one of them was specific to them; it was a rough account of their syllabus and then vague copy and pasted nonsense with interchangeable gender swaps at random!

Literally, the only drawback to their new school I can find is I have to drive there as it’s too far to walk. This means going on rural country roads where no one appears to know what this sign means;

If you know it; please answer in the comments below! Seriously!

We spent the weekend with lots of friends, celebrating a 7th birthday party and then later on a BBQ, which was 28 degrees in the shade! We also talked a lot about what we all wanted to do over the summer;


  • Wants to spend his birthday pennies on a new Nintendo Switch game. (Grand plans of staying in his jammies all day it would appear)
  • A beach might be nice (nice and vague)


  • Wants to eat a whole meal courtesy of our allotment (love this!)
  • Wants to go to an aquarium and the deer centre (basically anything animal related here is a win)


  • Can’t be absolutely sure but climbing is on there
  • Jumping is a good shout
  • Anything that makes a lot of noise
  • Be outside. All. Day. Long.


  • Wants to finish the garden (still recovering from the flood a few years ago)
  • The HMS Discovery in Dundee
  • STEM experiments with the kids (seconded by me!)


  • I just want to enjoy the holidays. The big age gap with Loki and his brothers is terrifyingly noticeable at the moment and it’s often genuinely exasperating trying to keep them entertained. I’ve never worried about holidays before but this one I’m slightly apprehensive about!!

We’d tentatively planned a trip to Manchester to visit my family but the weather, Loki’s mystery allergy and a few unexpected bills has forced us to reconsider. We’re going to go down in October instead.

This year, Mark has limited time off work, so we’re doing a holiday from home and planning lots of day trips. Scotland definitely seems to have got a Summer this year and not just a random Wednesday this time either. I’ve had to order more suncream, which is a first! I’ve also had to order shorts for the boys, it would appear one pair isn’t enough!

We’re lucky to live in a beautiful part of Scotland with lots of places to explore so we’re aiming to go to places we’ve not been to before.

The Maggie’s Centre in Dundee is hosting the Penguin Parade (on the back of the Oor Willie Bucket Trail in 2016) this is definitely going to be lots of fun trying to find as many as we can before the boys go back to school. If you want to find out more if you’re local to Tayside click here for the link for more info.

Here’s to a cracking Summer 2018. Have you got any plans? Please share below in the comments…


  1. My incredibly talented daughter and three grandsons were going to visit but have just cancelled,so my plans are to visit them instead 😉
    Does the sign mean Heaven and Hell 🤔

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