Our Top 5 Real Nappy Week goodies from Babipur

I keep getting asked “What’s in your Real Nappy Week basket?” and so does Heather from aReusableLife. So I thought we’d team up and do a collaborative post with what we’ve got our eyes on this Real Nappy Week!

My youngest, Loki is 2 and is in cloth full time. I fear day time toilet training may be in the near future so I’ll be resisting temptation on buying new nappies (maybe…) in favour of other goodies this time. Thankfully there are lots of incredible offers at Babipur this week!

Here are my top 5;

1. Close Parent Day time / Night time training pants

I’m a big fan of Close Parent products and have used Pop Ins for nearly 8 years now. When these training pants got launched recently I immediately put them in my basket in anticipation of toilet training! The prints are adorable – flamingoes anyone?! They do bigger sizes now which will be perfect for my ginormous toddler and you can stuff extra boosters in as needed. They sound ideal!

2. Close Parent Stuff Sack

I actually already have one of these, they’re so handy for so many things though and hubby is busy at the allotment a lot at the weekends now and this will clip to his bag or hang on the wheelbarrow. Perfect for transporting cloth wipes, a snack and a drink! The two separate compartments are great for keeping clean and dirty apart and they wash brilliantly! Also, I’m a sucker for a new print and the tiger one is stunning!

3. Hemp Babies Bigger Weeds Boosters

These boosters get raved about in the Babipur Hangout Facebook Group so much I think it’s about time I see for myself what the fuss is all about. They’re apparently perfect for heavy wetters and night nappies. Loki’s night nappy is always soaking in the morning so really keen to see if they’ll be up to the task.

4. Imse Vimse organic black cloth wipes

Now I’ve been using the same 20 cloth wipes I had with my first born nearly 8 years ago and currently I can only find 12. Some of them get washed every day but I need more. I’m not going to replace them, more add to the stash as we use them a lot more for hands and faces as well as bums now! These Imse Vimse ones are also bigger which would be a welcome bonus and there’ll be no problems with stains as they’re a rather gorgeous black. It’ll be a nice change from rainbows too!

5. Wonderoos Big Easy Nappy

It wouldn’t be Real Nappy Week if I didn’t buy a nappy, I’m weak and I’ve caved with this gorgeous Wonderoos beauty in green! This is a bigger nappy designed for chunky bottoms sized at 30-45lbs. I think getting a bigger nappy in would be a smart move for when Loki outgrows his stash. He is a tall, solid, well built boy and we’ve outgrown a few brands already. I’ve never tried Wonderoos so it’ll be nice to see what these are like too.

Rather conveniently this will get me free postage too so I’ll call that a win and leave it there!

Right… Heather’s turn!

Thanks Jo! Well anyone that vaguely knows me, will be familiar with the fact that I may be just a little nappy obsessed #crazynappylady! I have calmed down a lot on the buying nappies front as I now have way too many! But hey, it’s Real Nappy Week so it wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t add a few little extras to my cloth collection. So here are my top 5 items in my Babipur basket;

1. Dewi Exclusive Close Parent Playmat

We already have one of these play mats and it is soooooo useful! It goes everywhere with us. Great for just chucking in the boot of the car and taking on your adventures. Perfect fore picnics or just lounging in the garden. It is also fab for nappy free time and a general roll around for a baby, either in the house or outdoors when the weather dictates! The other print we have is Elephant parade but I’m just so in love with the Dewi print it is a good investment to have a second one.

2. Tots Bots Easyfit Royal All Bum

I know the Royal family aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but I quite like the whole business. I’m not some Hello magazine gawking voyeur, but I think the new generation seem like a pretty ok lot. I like Kate and Wills as they have a black working cocker spaniel just like our Bella! So yes, I am proudly going to be the new owner of this fabulously regal nappy in celebration of the royal birth. A baby riding a corgi – it’s too outrageous to miss! It will go nicely with my Royal Flush nappy too.

3. Jewel Print GroVia hybrid Shell in Hook & Loop

I am a massive fan of the Grovia hybrid system and I use them more and more all the time. We are now using them for childcare as they are so easy and reliable. I use them for out and about on day trips, holidays and camping. We have a combination of soakers, no prep, organic cotton and biodegradable biosoakers for when there really is an absence of running water. They are easy to use, economical, space saving, quick drying and an all round amazing nappy system. Need I say more why I can’t resist a new one?

4. Superkids Print Baba & Boo Pocket Nappy

We have been using Baba and Boo for a while now and are big fans. You can read all about why I love them on my blog here. More recently I decided to start giving them a go at night as well. I’ve been so impressed! I only use the two inserts provided and we easily get 12+ hours. I really feel like my little boy Eli sleeps better with them too, which of course could be coincidence but lets face it, sleep is pretty important all round. So Super Kids it is and next Baabaa Sheep is top of my list!

5. Earthwise Long Menstrual Pads – Hot Pink, Jade and Butterfly (3 Pack) 

So RNW shouldn’t be all about nappies. It is a great opportunity for us to spread our love for cloth and reusable products in general. What better way than to shout about our love for Mama Cloth? Reusable sanitary products revolutionised my periods. I always hated tampons and never felt comfortable using disposable pads. I use a combination of a menstrual cup and cloth pads which works really well for me. Now I have been using them for a while, you get to know what you like and gravitate towards comfort. I love the Earthwise pads, they feel soft, comfortable, secure and have a good level of absorbency that suits me. So I’m investing in some and if you haven’t tried them yet (Jo will definitely vouch for this!) you must #giveclothago

Get to Babipur to take advantage of some incredible offers this week, chance of freebies with every nappy related order and lots of fun and shenanigans in the Facebook Hangout Group!

Happy Real Nappy Week!

#RNW2018 #lovebabipur


  1. In (and out of my basket) have been several klean kanteens, All of the new prints wraps (have purchased the Dewi babipur one to complete that set), several different sandwich wraps/bags, kk straws (which i forgot to add to this order), I’m still very much toying with the pop in play mat too (we have a cheapy waterproof backed picnic blanket currently that is looking a bit worse for ware and can’t be machine washed), still wanting to try violets too and finally the 3 remaining pop in New prints (I won the flamigoes in #fff) ☺

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