So bits of my house fell down!

Er… yes – it’s been an interesting and cold few weeks here. I put the nappies on and twenty minutes later heard a peculiar sound and went into the utility room to find water everywhere. Cleaned up and noticed the floor had come away from the skirting boards and there was a considerable gap…. More than an inch considerable gap.

None of the floors in our house are level/flat/straight. In Oren’s room in particular you actually walk about a foot uphill from the door to the wall. It does make it spectacularly hilarious when you’ve had a drink though and you go check on the kids before bed. The joys of an old sandstone brick house.

You can see our utility room on the left below. It’s basically a shed attached to our house supported by a girder. This picture is taken from our kitchen window.

Closer inspection of the utility room from downstairs/outside revealed the underside of the floor had definitely come away and there had been water pouring out of both sides. We also suspected one of the pipes had frozen, it was -8 with a fierce wind that day.

We couldn’t work out if the walls/roof had moved or not because of the snow but luckily they hadn’t. That would have been a much bigger job!

With our house needing more maintenance than we’d like we thankfully know a fabulous local builder. He came round the next day and said our floor was rotten (thanks to a flood before we moved in which we didn’t know about until now) and one of the joists had collapsed… sigh.Our plumber popped in and confirmed the pipe had frozen and burst along with a couple of others. Alarmingly he also discovered a lead one. With it being the end of Winter they were both free this week so could start straight away. We got lucky there!

Work started the next day and rather terrifyingly with my Builder nearly falling through the utility room floor! In a short time the entire floor had gone, the door was wedged open and the house temperature had dropped to minus numbers.

It was freezing! Fire on and ALL the layers on kept us from turning blue. The door got pulled over but was pretty ineffective at keeping the heat in. Thankfully my penchant for yarn meant our front room was full of blankets and insulated well with my stash!

We had a week of noise, freezing temperatures, more snow than the Country could cope with and the disappointment of drinking UHT milk because our village supplies got wiped out. By Friday though the floor was in and looking good, the washing machine was back in and most of the pipes fixed. By Sunday we had two massive bills in and a quick debate over which boy would be the best to sell to help pay them…

Positives though; the Utility room theoretically shouldn’t need any work doing any time soon so we can tick that off the watch list for future maintenance shenanigans. I managed to get the Builders to put a counter top in for me, which will make life so much easier in there with 5 lots of clothes to sort and fold. Fab for keeping all the washing bits and bobs out of reach too. I also, with a bit of convincing, got them to attach one of the sides of the boy’s cot to the ceiling so I can use it as a drying rack!

Now if we can make it to Spring without any sort of disaster and/or house related shenanigans I’d be so much happier. Also, tragically I think I have to admit I’m getting old because I have genuinely missed the sound of my washing machine do it’s super spin!


  1. Oh my Jo! I really feel for you all. That was a seriously horrible time to lose a floor and be open to the elements. It has to be said I love the way you can still laugh during a dreadful time….well done Jo x

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