Loki’s bedroom!

After my wee man turned 2 we got him a bed and decided to “decorate” his room. We haven’t got funds right now to do the whole thing and his room has been largely untouched since we moved in. Dodgy blue carpet and white painted wallpaper makes his whole space look forgotten and dingy!

Thanks to trawling through Pinterest (my account is here if anyone fancies a nosey!) I decided on a simple theme to embrace the trees and mountains Loki loves so much. Simple meant cheap, which meant my husband was delighted! I picked the colours based from the first pin I pinned when I found out I was pregnant with him. I was so drawn to them. Foxes became an accidental theme for Loki so we have a soft spot for them.

I see the beautiful mountain scenes and murals regularly all over my feed and the gorgeous “house” bed with a frame overhead – both are absolutely stunning but grey isn’t really us and the additional bed frame contraption just looks like a serious head hazard in the middle of the night when I occasionally I have to stumble through into his room.

I thought we’d go green, as it’s a colour Loki is continuously drawn too (me too!)… along with trees. The boy really does love his trees!

A quick trip to B&Q and I got some forest green paint and some colour tester pots in the bargain bin in orange and lime. £16 all in – job done.

We already had frog tape in the house left over from some random spell of creativity I’ve previously had so I wiped down his walls and got sticking! The whole thing took about 5 minutes and I was ready to paint!

The next morning I repositioned the tape to overlap the lovely clean lines I’d created, which was much easier than I thought it would be and got started on the colour pops. All together it took about 3 hours!

I admit standing up and seeing all the colour and the dark green looked quite overwhelming and I had this brief moment of panic but thankfully that passed quickly! Loki came running in shortly afterwards having escaped from his Dad downstairs and he just said “Wow” over and over again. Daddy appeared and he very enthusiastically pointed to each peak and hill. I think we can call that a win!

Now for the finishing touches; I wanted to paint wee triangles and trees, scandi style, on the walls but knew that would take ages and I’d probably cock it up so I went online and had a rummage. One of my instagram friends had used a small company called Happy Decs and they make the most funky tiny wall stickers so I had a closer look.

The Happy Decs IG feed is beautiful. You can find it here. Lots of lovely of clean walls with dainty wee stickers on filled my screen. I saw the triangles straight away and wondered whether I could overlay them to make a tree and that way I could also use them for a snow topped mountain peaks!

I messaged them and got a reply really quickly. The lovely Nic said the stickers would overlay but she had a tree design in the works and would I like that instead?! I jumped at the chance. I chose green, lime and copper. Nic even threw in some white triangles for me and adorable little snow caps! They arrived a few days later and they’re so simple to use. Literally peel and stick on, give a good press with your thumb and that’s it! Instant finishing touch!

The transformation from my clean lines and colour blocks to mountains and hills with forests and snow was amazing. Loki helped and pointed to where some should go and within 30 minutes we’d covered his whole room with trees and triangles. It looks just how I imagined it!

The Happy Decs website is here and they have all sorts of lovely stickers for you to choose from and lots of colour choices too. You can pick up to 4 colours for each style. Edward and Oren have both requested their own wall stickers now so I’ll definitely be back later on in the year to get some more!

The stickers have been up for a few weeks now and there has been no peeling and Loki’s room tends to be quite chilly as there are two external stone walls shaping it. I’ve used wall stickers in Oren’s room before and they never lasted more than a day without curling off the wall. With these stickers being so wee I was worried they’d peel and fall off too but nope, happy to report they are firmly stuck to the wall!

I’ve found the stickers hide a multitude of sins too… a frog tape mishap? Problem solved!!!

I strung up some bunting, which matches the colours perfectly. Our up-cycled Christmas tree shelf and self made bird box IKEA wall lamp hack all work really well too. I think I might make him a new rug in earthy colours and put his blue one in the bathroom. I’ve also got some fabric to get creative with but that’s a project for another day!

Loki’s room may not be as beautiful as the ones I’ve found on Pinterest but it will be loved and I’m so glad we’ve finally put our stamp on it. 🌳🏔


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