Clinging onto Winter

My social media feeds are filled with folk longing for Spring. Everyone I speak to seems to be wishing Winter away. I have spied green shoots in our garden and I know Spring is coming, but right now I’m clinging onto winter with both hands!

I am still very much enjoying cosying in front of the fire and having just got a proper snowfall; that sound of soft powder underfoot on the school run will keep me going a bit longer. My evenings are spent by the window watching the darkness creep in (albeit later and later each night!), embracing the hygge with my yarn based creations and I am relishing the fact I can wear layer after layer for another month at least! What’s the rush?!

Imbolc and Spring aren’t too far away now and whilst I’m looking forward to some crafting and some colour back on the hills I am very happy going with the flow of the winter season. It’s been a good one. All the El Niño fears and berry laden trees indicated we were in for a bad one but we’ve got off easy in the end. It would be nice to have a bit more snow though…proper snow…snowman building snow!

The boys have been having fun at school this week, there were “headless” snowmen all over the playground and playing fields.

The school runs have been full of “Wows” from Loki. We took some of his toys out and played in the garden. It was a very brief encounter with the freezing flakes as he asked for “cuggles” after 5 minutes and we went back in!

The beautiful Grapat Winter Nins set is perfect. The colours mirror everything around us brilliantly. Lovely and tactile they’re always being played with, often a Nin goes rogue and comes with us to school and back!

I love themed toys. It’s much more engaging for the boys to have something around to play with that matches the seasons. It means we get to enjoy them year after year too!

Spring is getting ready to burst into life and it’ll be here in no time so I’m going to enjoy what’s left of Winter while I can. Hot chocolate with Baileys anyone?! ❄️


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