Wee bit about me! 

My name is Jo, originally from Helensburgh, grew up in Manchester, crossed paths with an Ipswich born Glaswegian, had his baby, married him and moved from Manchester to the wee rural village of Alyth in Perthshire, Scotland. 

We are activily and consciously trying to reduce, reuse, recycle and generally lead a more eco friendly lifestyle. We’ve embraced the small village life and have well and truly settled into our lovely “forever” home. 

I am a happy housewife or a stay-at-home-Mum. Moving away from all our family and friends meant we didn’t have the luxury of free/easy childcare and thankfully we’re fortunate enough that we can manage on one income. Just! 

I have a penchant for crafts, particularly yarn based, an unhealthy Pinterest addiction and often stay up to 2am crocheting! I sell “things” as The Crafty Wombat via my FB and IG. This keeps me entertained most evenings and brings in a few extra pennies for the boys. 

My husband Mark is a Medical Physicist, an all round clever boy with a flair for astronomy and super scary maths. Currently working his way through a part time PhD and spends a few evenings a week hiding in his office listening to heavy metal whilst “working” on his thesis! 

Our eldest son is Edward, aged 7, glasses, curls, tallest in his class, prolific reader and avid Mario Kart racer. Fancies himself a Master Builder too. 

Our middlest son is Oren, aged 5, dimples, sensitive soul, pet whisperer, dancer and avid Rugby player. Got married last week to a girl in his class, I wasn’t invited to the ceremony. 

Our youngest son is Lochryn, almost 2, our rainbow baby. I had to miscarry twice to get his messy curls and dimples in my life. He is a mash-up of his older brothers, a climber, escape artist, food demolisher and lives up to his namesake of Loki; the God of Mischief. Lochryn completed our family.  💙💙🌈

On the furry side we’ve got Skye; the English Springer Spaniel or simply, the “Bog Dog” She was a welcome addition to the household 3 years ago. We also have a gorgeously soft and affectionate ginger rescue cat called Bubbles! 

Living rural I have often found solace in the people in my phone and I love the sense of community there is from likeminded folk in there. I’ve been using Instagram for a little over a year now and I really enjoy seeing each random moment captured within the four corners of all the accounts I scroll through. I thought I’d start a blog to go alongside my ramblings, kid spam and all the colourful loveliness in my life. 

If you fancy a nosey my Instagram account is Team Worrall

Until the next time… 

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